homeward bound

May 7, 2013

after 6 days in DC focused on me [work, life, and even rest], i can honestly say that i am feeling really rejuvenated and ready to come home.

ready to start studying for boards and really focus on learning opportunities at work.
ready to get things done and finish up with fellowship!
ready to snuggle and enjoy my precious playtime with a.
ready to at least attempt to cook healthy meals again.
ready to work on running faster.
ready to consciously spend my time doing fun things.
ready to relax and carve out me-time every so often, because i realize that i need it.

i would say this trip was a success!

[note to self:  do it again next year.  vancouver for this meeting again or chicago for endo society – we’ll see.  i really enjoyed the blend of focused learning time, family adventures, social fun, and relaxation.  alllllllmost as good as a real vacation.  or maybe i’ve just forgotten what those are like.]

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