May 13, 2013

trying to plan in advance this week!

also working on varying my diet — and annabel’s — a little more.

eggs, toast, fruit
yogurt + granola
pb or sunbutter on toast or waffles + fruit
smoothie with yogurt, pb, banana, other fruit/spinach

soups, salads, etc from work cafeteria
leftovers when available
[i’m not at duke this month so i don’t mind buying!]

cheddar/jack cheese sticks
roasted almonds w/ raisins
fruit: apples, melon, strawberries

monday: curried shrimp and potato kebobs + spinach salad
tuesday: whole wheat spinach ravioli [from freezer] + salad
wednesday: chicken, cheddar, and bacon salad
thursday:  spinach enchiladas
friday: leftovers
saturday: probably out somewhere
sunday: TBD

we have a bottle of sonoma zinfandel and a sauv blanc.  i have to say i am really enjoying wine with dinner [or while cooking dinner] these days.

feel free to weigh in:  favorite breakfasts, especially.  i get in such ridiculous breakfast ruts!

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