now is important

May 15, 2013

forgive me if this post is a little disjointed.  i’ve just been cooking and thinking and enjoying a delicious glass of dolcetto, and my thoughts are a bit of a jumble — but a happy, grateful one.

today was ordinary.  josh left before i woke up.  annabel woke up at 6:30.  i took her to day care and went to work.  we had our usual work meeting.  i picked her up.  we had a fleeting hour together, and then it was her bedtime.

three stories tonight:

ernie’s cheerful smile [this book rules, by the way]
the poky little puppy [abridged by me]
then our lovely 2 minutes of lullaby rocking.
and then, at 7:15 pm i forced myself to do a jillian michaels workout knowing that there was wine available as a reward.
then cooking while drinking said wine, followed by eating and cleanup, all while listening to the vampire weekend station on pandora.  i read the latest zen habits post as i ate dinner.  josh is still at work, so this was alone time.
today was ordinary, but it was beautiful.  and something about having a little one makes me acutely aware that i will never get to experience today again.  annabel changes so quickly, and i am so much more aware of the passage of time.
if you can’t tell, i spend a lot of time overanalyzing the past and thinking about the future.  goal setting.  schedule creating.  always worrying about how things will work in the next stage [during my maternity leave, i was preoccupied with going back to work; now, i am preoccupied with how our lives in miami will take shape].  
but i can honestly say that i truly did enjoy today.  and inspired by leo’s post tonight, i will list the reasons i am smiling tonight — inside and out.
1) dinner was really good and i actually had a really relaxing time while making it [yeah, the wine helped].  i am thankful for the availability of fresh food and glad i spent the time making it.
2) i love the tracks i’ve heard from vampire weekend’s new release and the album comes out this week.
3) annabel was in a great mood all day and just makes me want to melt.  she has learned to give kisses “mmmmm-wa” and is obsessed with hats.  sometimes i wish i could just freeze time because the stage she’s in is just so cute, but it’s also so much fun to watch her learn and grow.


4) i am about to snuggle up in bed with a book and will probably get to sleep at least 8 hours.  and if i’m lucky maybe josh will make it out of the OR to join me at some point.
5) i just feel like this current life stage is pretty great, and that there are exciting things up ahead [job, move, being near family] that have the potential to make it even better.  
here’s to now.

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