observations from today: a list

May 5, 2013

1.  a 13-month old may not get the nuances of the zoo, but it’s still a fun outing!  [pics to come]

2.  i have notebook phobia.  this is defined [by me] as the fear of writing on the first page of a fresh new notebook, because:

a) the timing just doesn’t seem quite right [ie, it’s not the beginning of a new year or start of a study plan]


b) there isn’t a steady surface to write on and my handwriting might end up messy, or i might [gasp!] smear.*

3.  i eat entirely too much bread/wheat.  this is not to say that i am gluten intolerant, because who even knows what that means.  but i recognize that the carbohydrate portion of my diet really lacks variety.  something to work on.

4.  i am the world’s most awkward person when someone comes up to me and tells me they read the blog.  [this happened today, caught me completely off-guard, and i had no idea what to say!  my apologies to the fellow pediatrician who said hi to me this afternoon!]

* this fear is not unfounded; i’m left handed.  anyone else?

off to run through my presentation one more time — it’s tomorrow — and then sleep.  i’m also running a random 5K in the morning.  it will serve as a baseline as i hope to improve my time with training over the next 9 weeks or so.

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