May 23, 2013

i just finished a 3 day course on resilience for health care professionals, and it was really wonderful.  the material presented in the course wasn’t all new to me, but just having 3 full days to think about it, bask in it, and reflect on it?  priceless.
[and i say that as someone who shelled out my own hard-earned $ for the course.  although i’m still grateful my program director allowed me to go.]
i need a bit of time to process what i learned over the past few days before i present anything here, but i definitely feel that many of the concepts were worth sharing.  i’ve always had an interest in psych  — and in fact almost went into psychiatry until i realized i just wasn’t patient enough — and it was just so much fun to take a crash course in the latest positive psych research and the [rather impressive] practical implications.
ANYWAY.  i am feeling so good now, just . . . in general.
annabel has been sleeping a bit better [ie: morning wakeups close to 6:30!  hooray!]
i have been enjoying my time with her more.
i have felt more relaxed.
i feel healthy and well-rested and relatively self-confident.
i am feeling like i have more time, in general.
i don’t feel like i am wasting much time.
i am really REALLY excited about starting my new job in just a couple of months.
the end [of fellowship!] is in sight.
i am finding myself interested in all kinds of things i used to think about pre-baby: books, music, running, cooking, etc.
there are still things i would like to do more of [study.  hydrate!  actually see josh.  get runs out of the way early.  stretch.  finish work for my research.  figure out house stuff.  make photobooks, for the love of god.  etc.] 
but right now, TONIGHT, i feel happy and peaceful.  
let this be noted on my permanent record!
ps #1: vampire weekend
love love LOVE the new album.  annabel and i have been enjoying it every morning.  also: i don’t know why i haven’t ever gotten into the habit of playing some music in the morning.  it takes almost no effort and is really nice.  or it least it will be until a. gets old enough to insist on hearing some kids’ album. is there any way i can prevent that from ever happening? or will i be okay with it when it does because she enjoys it so much?
ps #2: most random ps ever
i SO wanted to hate the jillian michaels podcasts, but . . . no.  i kind of love them.
the end.

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