peds endo boot camp report

May 4, 2013

2 days down, 4 to go
academic meetings aren’t usually 6 days long, but i came early to this one for a board review course, as i take my pediatric endocrine boards in the fall.  i was looking forward to the course as time to finally just FOCUS on reviewing some core concepts with no distractions, and it was actually really great.  2 solid days of listening, note-taking, and absorbing.  i don’t feel ready for the exam yet, but i feel a bit more confident and definitely inspired to study in a strategic rational way.

the test is in november, so i’ll have over 6 months after i get back.  i think i am going to divide up the content and create a sort of study roadmap to follow between now and then.  i do not intend to spend hours each night studying — or even close — but i think that with consistent effort i will make progress and pass the test.

[gretchen rubin agrees with me.]
[[in reference to her article, i think i’ve been trying to be a hare, and i hate it.  i would like to convert to  tortoise.]]

DC highlight
the best part of my trip so far was meeting up with my wonderful long-lost friend allie tonight!!  we enjoyed a lovely dinner at fuego and caught up on over a year’s worth of adventures.

mini tuna tartare tacos!

since the last time i saw her i was barely into my 1st trimester, there was a lot to talk about.  at the same time, i love how when you meet with true friends that conversation just flows and it doesn’t seem like you ever had much time apart. 

really really reaaaally good classic margarita

allie, you know you need to move to FL, right?  or i suppose my destination race idea will have to suffice.
tomorrow, josh will arrive — with the muffin!!
it’s been nearly 3 days since i’ve been with annabel and i miss her in a very visceral way.  i just want to hug her and be with her so badly!  luckily, josh is bringing her up for a visit tomorrow morning — they’ll be staying just one night during the conference.
it will be a bit of a balancing act, as i obviously have to [and want to] attend educational sessions — plus i’m speaking on sunday morning and need to practice!  but i think we’ll be able to make it work.  i don’t think we’ll always come on each other’s work trips, but i definitely see myself bringing a with me to some of josh’s future conference destinations and doing something similar.
over the past 3 days, however, she had a ball with her grandparents. 

cookingwith her g-ma yesterday.  could not be any sweeter . . .

tomorrow morning:

i know annabel is probably too young, but i still think she’ll love it.  and then i will be off to learn about the approach to gender nonconforming children, adolescent growth failure, social determinants of obesity, and more . . .
oh, and
i am about to sleep at least 8 hours tonight in my hotel room alone.  and although i am very excited for tomorrow, i have to admit that right now this pretty much sounds like heaven.

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