recent victories

May 17, 2013

i just had to come here and let you all know about my recent victories.  in no particular order . . .
  • i have been cooking every night, and josh and i have been enjoying different, healthy, and delicious meals all week.  i even found the time to make some whole grain muffins for mornings.
  • i went on a decluttering rampage, and now there is absolutely nothing in our house that i don’t either love or use regularly.  this includes my wardrobe, which is filled with staples that fit perfectly.  i look forward to getting ready for work every day.  i love how clean and spare everything looks
  • i am having a fantastic time running lately, and i’ve been strength training regularly.  i wake up every morning just eager to get my workouts in, and annabel never wakes up while i bust it out on the treadmill at 5:30 am.
  • thanks to your suggestions, i now follow a pampering skincare routine, including regular moisturizer, eye cream, sunscreen, and overnight treatment.  and i never break out!
  • i have organized all of the photos on my computer, and ordered three photobooks:  best of blog photos, durham memories, and annabel’s first year to be printed, with captions and all!  can’t wait for them to arrive.
  • at work, i am at the peak of focus.  i have been powering through my paper and have a draft ready for my boss to review.  i am so happy that i kept my data, methods, and samples SO meticulously organized over the past 3 years.  it’s just so easy to create new figures and do additional studies this way.
  • i have developed a household routine that allows me to keep a clean and organized home while being entirely present with annabel.  in fact, she has learned to help me with the laundry.
  • i am spending time diligently studying every night.  i have taken notes on the first 10 sections of the peds endo content outline.
  • even with the studying, i’ve had time for reading every night.  i have a list of 20 books i’d like to get through in 2013, and at this rate, i think i’ll get through.
  • i’m really looking forward to weekly date nights scheduled for the next couple of months!  i decided that josh and i really needed to enjoy the rest of our time in durham together, so we booked a weekly babysitter and will be hitting all of our favorite restaurants/concert venues over the next 2 months.  
  • i cured diabetes today!  that’s right, i just figured it out while sitting in front of my computer in lab.
OKAY EVERYONE, if you haven’t figured it out yet . . .  i made all of this up.  i have nothing to wear [or at least it seems that way], haven’t started studying, thinking about my paper gives me hives, and josh and i haven’t been on a date in weeks.  and i didn’t even come up with the idea.  but man, that was a fun exercise.  and on the upside, i really DID fit in strength training [once] this week.  although i feel ashamed that i haven’t tackled my photos/created books to print despite having it as a goal for at least the past 6 months.
try it, if you’re game.  at the very least, it gave me a blueprint for what my idea of unattainable perfection would look like.  and i’m even slightly motivated to work on organizing my photos.  but i’m sure that will pass shortly . . .

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