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May 9, 2013

1) good podcasts

current faves:  this american life, sound opinions, another mother runner, simple mom

planning to check out: radiolab

2) good skincare products [especially if, like me, your skin is 15 going on 35]

current faves: none.  i currently use this facewash and it seems to help prevent breakouts, but i don’t really love it.

planning to check out: no ideas currently, but i would love something more natural/less harsh.  and i need something for moisture/anti-aging.  maybe even with sun protection!?  basically, i need help.

3) good bedtime rituals

current routine:

– clean up from dinner
– check work email, get stressed out/worked up about something
– check facebook and get sucked in [although lately i have been better about avoiding this!]
– write something [lately]
– read a little
– crash

i think i can do better.

ideas welcome in any or all arenas.


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