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May 27, 2013

currently somewhat obsessed with TIME.
perhaps to an unhealthy degree.  i could probably rattle off, to the 15-minute increment, how i spent the day with annabel today.

[in fact, perhaps i will.]

sunday 5.26.2013

7:00a get out of bed to greet the muffin — a. is up [YES — 7, not 6!  she is sleeping so well these days.  or she was until i decided to proclaim my luck on the internet . . .].  happy reunion, diaper change, etc.

7:15a make breakfast for both of us.  scrambled eggs and english muffins all around, with tomatillo salsa added for me.  plus coffee [for me] and milk [for her, although she barely drinks any at home].

8:15a grocery trip.  i cannot state enough times how much i love the peace and emptiness that is the durham whole foods on sunday mornings.  it’s now a routine, and one that i love.  hopefully i can find a similar place and calm time to shop in FL!

9:15a return home.  annabel ‘helps’ put groceries away.

9:30a stroller run — but with a playground stop on the way home.  just 3.3 miles easy, although running with the bob never feels truly easy for me.  [not saying it’s bad – i actually don’t mind it.  but it adds a level of cardiovascular challenge, especially on uphills].  annabel enjoys the swings, the slide, and just walking around trying to keep up with the big kids [ie, a couple of older-and-wiser 2 year olds].

11:00a arrive home.  play, read books, hang out, give annabel lunch.

12:15p a. goes down for nap.  she’s now down to one nap most days and it’s been great so far — usually it means more freedom to do things in the AM, and a longer heartier sleep session: this one lasted 2 hrs + 20 minutes.  previously, her naps ran more like 60-90 minutes most of the time [and always less at daycare].

during this time, i cleaned up, ate lunch, did 30 minutes of yoga [via yogadownload], showered, and read some blog posts.  and i do think i did it in a relatively mindful way, knowing that i was on the clock.

2:35p a. is up!  some facetime with two of a’s doting grandparents [my parents].  we play, she has a snack, etc.

3:30p get a. all ready and drive to gymboree

4:00p arrive right on time only to find out they are closed because memorial day is tomorrow [#$(*&@#].  this was especially sad because when i went to put annabel back in the carseat, she threw a fit.  definitely more of a ‘toddler’ fit than ‘baby’ fit, too.  frustrating . . .

4:20p arrive back home.  let annabel run around in the courtyard of our apartment complex.  even though i was still sulking a bit, it was actually a beautiful day and probably as much fun for her as gymboree would have been.

5:00p come back inside.  we read books and play with puzzles and toys on the floor. admission: honestly, i enjoyed myself all day hanging out with a.  but when the clock struck 5 i just wanted josh to come home.

5:45p “da- deee!” – he arrives!  i tell josh he is in charge of annabel until her bedtime.  thankfully, he seems happy with it.  i throw myself on the couch for a few much-needed moments.

6:00p dinnertime for annabel, which i quickly prep: veggie burger, leftover sweet potato oven fries, cheese, tomatoes.  she demolishes this and we have to supplement with some peas and a slice of bread [she is an eater!].  oh, and she drank about 2 sips of milk.  i think her total for the day was like 3 oz, but she did have yogurt and cheese so i’m not terribly concerned.

6:45p josh gives annabel a bath; i cook dinner.  [weary of thinking about what to plan/make, i decided to try the sample meal plan from the fresh 20 this week.  tonight’s meal was turkey meatballs + zucchini.  it was quite good — i’ll do a full review after i finish the sample week].

7:15p a. in bed.  josh did all of the pre-bedtime stuff but i sang to her as i always do, and she went to sleep.  josh and i have dinner.  i drink a rather delicious aviator hot rod red.

8:00p quick clean up.  this took no longer than 10 minutes.  i think one of the biggest things i’ve noticed from just paying attention to time is that often dreaded chores are much MUCH faster than they seem.  [although cooking dinner sometimes tends to go in the opposite direction.]

8:15p start this post

9:00p finish this post!  about to stretch out on the couch with my book . . .

time/productivity links
just a few things i read today:

things you can get done in 2-3 minutes – money saving mom

busyness is not a virtue – iDoneThis blog

how to tame your work week – CBSnews piece by laura vanderkam on a new e-book by the wandering scientist

summer knitwear
knowing that we are moving to miami, my mom has made it her mission to outfit a. in things — knitted things — that are weather-appropriate.  here’s her latest dress, knitted in cool breathable cotton:

all of my head-on shots were blurs because this chick is constantly on the move, but you get the idea!  love it 🙂

questions for you, if any of these apply . . .

has anyone ever tried a meal planning site/service?

does anyone else crave backup at the end of the day?  i can only imagine how much this would intensify if i were a SAHM!  obviously, i never feel this way on weekdays, so i think it’s just an effect of the continuous hours of feeling solely responsible.

anyone doing anything exciting this weekend?  i hope this applies to someone 🙂

convertible car seat recs?  i just bought one, but then realized we also need another for josh’s car [i think he will be doing day care dropoff pretty frequently as it’s at the hospital where he works].

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