maybe someday i’ll write a post that’s not in list format

June 6, 2013

not tonight, though.

current loves

1)  lean in, which i read this week.  i actually wasn’t sure what i’d think of this controversial volume, but i found myself nodding vigorously to so many points sheryl sandberg makes in this book.  it wasn’t a work of art, but it had valuable insights backed with data, and i found it honest and inspiring.  i will write more on this topic in the future.

2)  this video!  [thanks, dad].  it made me laugh out loud twice already tonight.  especially amazing since i sang this in high school and knew the words, and still my brain completely heard the ‘new’ ones as correct.

3) this song.  cannot. get. it. out. of. my. head.

4) fresh 20!  nearly 2 weeks in and i’m definitely still a fan.

strawberry salad with leftover pork tenderloin from earlier in the week

5) a’s current life stage.   so freaking happy. and snuggly.  and sweet.  and i just love the way she says “mama!  mama!” when i pick her up.  realizing she just changes so fast.  just savoring her now.

a snippet from this month’s daycare newsletter.  
yes, miss a. made the front [okay, 2nd] page 🙂

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