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June 9, 2013

i actually strength trained twice.
since this is definitely an anomaly for me lately, i felt like i had to announce it.  i signed up for the fitnessista‘s ‘summer shape up’ in order to get some new home workout ideas, and actually completed workout #1 twice.  i had to modify it [did 2 sets instead of 3] because apparently i am a total wimp, but something is better than nothing.  i still was sore after both attempts, so i say it counts 🙂

on a somewhat related note, today i got to run outside sans stroller — a rarity.  i feel like maybe i’m making a bit of progress on my quest to get a bit more speed.  maybe.  i am looking forward to racing a 5K [7/6 i think] and then my next race will probably in FL!

i have been feeling a lot of stress related to the move/transition.
i think i just have to accept that the next 2 [4? 12? 80?] months are going to feel rocky.  so, there may be a few more posts like this one.  however, i have been thinking and i do think there is an interesting correlation between feeling anxious and the blooming of somewhat counterproductive perfectionistic tendencies.

i do think that self-care is important, but when it morphs into self-flagellation [which can be conveniently distracting] — something is off.  for example, if i’ve ‘wasted’ time reading blogs/perusing facebook, i should probably just move on with my life rather than spending additional time worrying about how i’m spending my time.  if i eat cereal for dinner — well, i should move on and just be thankful that it wasn’t ice cream.  [and if it was ice cream, that’s probably okay too.  lots of calcium!]

we bought a house!
yes — we closed on a home in miami beach!  it’s a mediterranean style house built in the 1930s with a lot of character and floridian charm.  it’s not huge [~2000 square ft, 3 bedrooms], but i think it will be enough home for us.  and really, i sort of relish the necessity of staying somewhat minimal.*

we will be making a few improvements prior to moving in [refinishing floors, painting, replacing a couple of appliances] but no major renos.**

and yes . . . we have a pool, which i am very excited about.

* although i realize any true minimalist would scoff at this, many people i know are in homes twice this size or bigger.  i am not sure what i would even do with all that space!

** i am dying to post pics, but for the sake of privacy i am going to hold myself back.  i will certainly share some of the interior once we are moved in and have made some of the aforementioned improvements.

weekend scenes
[i am on call, but it’s been very manageable.]  

joyful swinging

trying to get a 14 month old to pose for a photo: impossible

toy store visit [we didn’t buy anything but a reaaally liked this shelf]

she is more likely to be a ‘canes fan, but this is still cute

big-girl style!

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