running down the clock / weekend happenings

June 15, 2013

i feel like i’m in a basketball game

those poor knights!

and one team is ahead by a jillion points and there are 45 seconds left on the clock.

i’m just not sure which team i’m on!

[i think i felt the same way at the end of my pregnancy . . . and the end of maternity leave, for that matter.  i just don’t do endings well.]

but the ending will HAPPEN, nonetheless!

currently happening
1) a is entering a new phase:  she seems to have learned ‘nooo’ and ‘mine’ overnight.  she is still very sweet 90% of the time, but there have been some new challenges: this morning i think we both nearly had a meltdown . . . over a dirty diaper change.  she’s certainly not at the age where you can reason with her yet, and the diaper changes are pretty non-negotioable, so . . . what to do?

i think it’s developmental:  she suddenly has realized that her agenda may not always match mommy’s, and is asserting herself!  i also think she is having a sleep transition (from 2 –> 1 nap most days) and may be more tired as a result.

what, mommy?
i am going to eat this shoelace and i will get mad if you try to stop me.

[any suggestions are welcome!]

2) fresh 20.  we’re entering our 3rd week, and i’m still loving it:  i haven’t made a bad recipe yet, i LOOOVE the break from menu planning, and there seems to be minimal waste.

this week’s monday dinner:  citrus grilled chicken + jicama and corn salad

3) southern summer BBQ.  josh and i spent last night making honey cornbread muffins, black-eyed pea salad, and brunswick stew, and we’re hosting a bunch of his coworkers today.  hopefully it will all turn out okay.

4) further thoughts on time.  yes – still thinking about it.  here’s ana‘s take on the laura vanderkam article i wrote about earlier this week.  and here is what i sent josh [via email] on friday:

i just thought it would be interesting to intentionally plan out the time — to enjoy the anticipation of it a little bit more, and also to make sure the precious weekend with BOTH OF US OFF [hasn’t happened in foreverrrrr] doesn’t get wasted.

aaaaand, we’re already off schedule because annabel didn’t sleep enough last night and was super tired by 9 am and needed a morning nap.  i’m still glad i have the blueprint though!

5) great run this AM.  i struggled on my interval run this week and have generally felt a little plodding [too much sugar / etc has not helped] this week.  but this morning i felt fantastic and enjoyed every second of this 8-miler in the morning durham sun.

most proud of mile 7 which was up a hill
[BUT still sure the #s are inflated.  always feel i need this disclaimer!]

okay, time to clean up a bit before a. is up!

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