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June 23, 2013

me time
it’s 12 pm and i’ve already done the essential laundry [mostly yesterday], grocery shopped, and run with the stroller.  annabel is down for a nap after a morning of the above plus plenty of outdoor exploration time and some wind-down time in her room.  i just resisted the urge to throw in yet another load of laundry because after that flurry of activity, i just need a little wind-down time of my own.

sometimes it’s hard to remember that resting is an option.

so, as a’s mid-day naps are historically pretty solid, i’m hoping to have time for this post PLUS a little lie down time on the bed*.  we will see . . .

first, a garmin vs. mapmyrun update
i received the 210 in the mail and so far, so good!  it’s quite easy to use and — much as i figured — runs about ~3% ‘slower’ than the iPhone mapmyrun app.  it’s also a lot easier to control and see splits, and thus far i am pleased!

here’s the cold, hard data:

[slow because a) hot b) stroller c) felt like it!]

mapmyrun distance:

garmin distance: 

 a 3.3% difference.

mapmyrun splits followed by garmin splits:

you can see that they follow the same pattern, but for each segment, MMR says i ran ‘faster’ than the garmin did.

many people probably wouldn’t care about this.  I SO DID.  so this makes me happy!

this also makes me happy
new E.C. planner!!!

i had to coordinate my theme with a’s outfit 🙂  i am pleased with the outcome!

annabel update
a’s miami grandparents [aka bebe and poppy] came for a brief visit this weekend to celebrate josh’s graduation from fellowship [yesss.].  they hadn’t seen miss a. in several months, and the visit just made me realize how incredibly quickly she is changing and how fast her babyhood really went.  so, here’s a rundown of a. at 14.5 months:


loves:  food [yes, ALLLL food], puppies [though she still gets a little scared around real ones!], books, going up and down steps, going on stroller runs, daddy, mommy, her favorite day care teacher, her grandparents [all 4], going to the grocery store, being tossed around, going on swings, running around any open space
annabel with her bebe

dislikes:  when mommy is on facetime or otherwise not directing FULL attention on her, when a meal ends, having her face wiped

not sure about/depends on mood:  bathtime, the pool

over 40 on my list.  but not always easily understandable and/or with correct pronunciation.

flower = “owwww”
shoe = “oosh”

my current favorite = “yay!”

sleeps:  goes to bed easily at 7 – 7:15 pm.  wakes up — well, usually it’s somewhere in the 5s, but i usually make it a policy not to go into her room until 6 am.  she isn’t screaming / upset during that time but talking and occasionally whimpering.
naps: transitioning to 1 nap.  yesterday she passed out in the stroller at 7:30 am for 30 minutes [after getting up at 5:20 – i KNOW she wasn’t really done sleeping] and then napped 11:15 am – 1:30 pm.

eats:  e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  the only thing i have ever seen her reject is lettuce!  typical day:

6AM: milk, banana, and cheerios
9AM: plain yogurt + most of a peach
1:30 PM: milk, piece of whole wheat bread, dr. praeger’s veggie burger, green beans, cheese stick
3 PM: avocado pieces, blueberries, whole wheat pancake
6 PM: milk, dinner leftovers [whatever we had] or eggs/veg/rice or another easy fallback

hungry muffin

skills:  she’s got walking down and is working on running [sort of].  she loves to try to go down steps but can only make it without help if it’s a really small step [practicing, below].

she can hold a spoon but can’t really use it, and will eat yogurt with one hand while holding the spoon in the other, which is quite a sight to see.  she does not have any interest in telling me when her diaper is dirty [or for that matter, having it changed] or in the potty in general.

aaaand with that, she is awake!  ahh well, no lie down time . . . but i’m glad i got to finish this post.

* josh is at work.  but it’s his LAAAAAAAAST call weekend until he starts working in miami beach!

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