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June 17, 2013

1) i miss the mindy project.  i could really go for a new episode right now.  would settle for girls or modern family but what i really want is mindy.

2) i really really REALLY would like to be finished with fellowship now.  please.  just READY TO MOVE ON.

3) truly loving running as of late.  i’d really like to train hard again.  [hard-ish.]  and approach some of my previous PRs.  and i’m really excited now for my garmin to come!!

4) while josh loved his tie and day with annabel [i think!], i feel sort of guilty that i did not do anything special for my father for father’s day.  i hope he knows that i think he is the best.

5) i am convinced that when my *new* planner arrives, my life will instantly improve.  even though it doesn’t start until august.

6) feeling ambivalent about blogging lately.  when omdg mentioned giving up her blog, i thought, “huh.  maybe i should consider just letting mine go for a while.”  honestly, i think it’s because i’m feeling stagnant and anxious, and therefore everything i write is coming out that way — and it’s just making me more stagnant and anxious.  see #2.

7) i really really need to be studying more.

8) i loved having this weekend off with josh and annabel.  i admit i am completely jealous of couples for whom this is normal.

9) i feel like i need some kind of off-the-wall systematic endeavor to keep me occupied so i can stop feeling so well, see #6.  a reading list.  musical project.  yoga challenge.  i don’t even know what, and it’s not like i have time for a million extras!  and if i did . . . well, see #7.

10) contemplating taking july completely OFF from the internet.  as in:  no reading blogs.   no facebook.   no random surfing or gossip sites.  maybe no blogging, though i feel like it would be nice to document the unplugged experience . . .

few select weekend pix

[not our puppies!]
[[although a. thinks any pup is her pup]]

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