July 16, 2013

things i am very grateful for

having josh back at home
the healing powers of saltines
hydrocortisone ointment [mosquito bites!]

fun things we did this weekend

had a professional photo session done [mostly annabel but some family shots too]
stroller run + brunch with e, d, + g!!  [e: will miss you all!!]
attended a work party in which a. charmed the crowd + tired herself out

delicious things i ate today

egg salad sandwich from p&o.  half for lunch, half for dinner.
mint chocolate chip ice cream
a noosa yogurt.  although i think i like the packaging more than the actual product.  and it contained 29 grams of sugar, which was mildly shocking.

things i am nervous about

logistics of our move
telling my employers the news
a adjusting to a new day care

things i should be doing

creating and following a meticulously laid out study plan for boards
strength training of some sort
working like crazy to finish up writing my manuscript

things i am doing instead

lying down on the couch, reading blogs, facebook and pinterest
sleeping some more

things i am looking forward to

NAUSEA ENDING [really can’t wait!] and feeling like myself again
our move!
starting my new job [this one can also go in the nervous category above]

i want to shop for

cute sunglasses
maternity skinny jeans [is that an oxymoron?]
miss a.  always.

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