looking forward to: our move

July 12, 2013

[i promised no more complaining, so let’s focus on the positive!]

the move!
we leave in 2 weeks.  2 WEEKS!  NC has been my home for the last 11 years — the only ‘adult’ home i’ve ever known, and i will miss it very much.  but josh and i have also quietly been counting down to this miami beach relocation for years.  
it will come with:
 . . . a home of our own [we’ve been in an apartment for the past 6 years].  we don’t have a TON of space but our house has so much character and potential.  josh has been down there getting started on some improvements already.  and FL bonus: we will have a pool!  i can’t wait to spend weekend days splashing away with annabel.
. . . SOOO much family.  we’re talking parents [in-law for me!], siblings [in-law for me again!], grandparents [also in-law], nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, godparents, close family friends . . . seriously, our village is basically down there, though i do have to work on getting my parents to move south, too.  i’ve never lived close to so much extended family.  i think it will be incredible both for josh and me, but especially so for annabel and her yet-unnamed-mystery sibling.
. . . a new exciting community to explore.  i love durham, but i am sure that there are a million things to love about miami beach, too.  

in case you didn’t know [and i didn’t until an embarrassingly short time ago], MB is a little strip of islands [“natural and manmade barrier islands” according to wikipedia] just east of miami.  it has its own character separate from miami proper, and i’m looking forward to really learning its ins and outs.  of course, miami isn’t far [just over the bridge really] and i am sure we’ll spend lots of time there, too.
other associated things i am excited about
* purging unnecessary things/clutter as we move.  we don’t have a ton of stuff but i’m still itching to throw things away.  clean start!
* finding ‘our’ new places.  brunch spots . . . grocery store . . . restaurants . . . running routes . . . yoga studio [because clearly i’ll have SO much time for that, riiiiight?]
* my new JOB . . . seriously, the past 2 weeks on the wards have reminded me how thrilled i am to be going into clinical pediatric endocrinology.  but we’ll save that for another post.
things i am nervous about
* going broke.  no, seriously, i hadn’t realized how $$$$ it is to relocate.  also, wind insurance in miami?  IS.  RIDICULOUS.  i’m sure we’ll be just fine in the long run, but it feels weird to start out so in the red.  tasks for sometime after we move:  create a BUDGET and consult with a financial planner.
* getting lost.  but hopefully GPS will save me!
* culture shock.  i really have been accustomed to the pace and attitudes of NC.  people are nice here and we do NOT move that fast.  i’ve gotten used to small talk on elevators, conversations in the supermarket checkout lines, and waving to fellow walkers/runners/strollers while outside.  i’m pretty sure things will be different where we’re going, and it will be a lot to get used to.
ever make a major move [bonus if it’s in conjunction with one or two major life changes 🙂 ] ?  ALL tips, suggestions, reassurance appreciated!