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July 29, 2013

i’ve been steering away from product reviews and sponsored posts over the past year or so.
i did enjoy writing for the blogher/Huggies campaign, which was great because the content was ad-free [had nothing to do with Huggies, but was just baby-centric posts] and because — well, the extra funds really helped during a year with a lot of expenses.  i justified the purchase of our treadmill with those checks, and to this day i am still thrilled with the purchase even though it’s been weeks since my last indoor run [not sure why!].

ANYWAY.  this post is not about finances or diapers [by the way, we don’t even use Huggies, except for their swim diapers! sshh.]  i just wanted to say that in the future, you will only see ‘sponsored’ references that are:

— a truthful and balanced review of something that i actually was interested in trying out

— related to causes and/or people that i personally believe in.

which takes us to today’s shameless plug:

my sister’s online yarn shop!!
she opened up her brick & mortar store in cary, NC nearly 1 year ago.  and now, yarn addicts from farther away have the option of perusing her wares from afar.  she specializes in fancy hand-dyed yarns, many from small home-grown operations themselves, but also carries some standard brands.  i can’t say much more because i have no idea what i’m talking about, because i’ve never knit anything in my life.  but her store looks like the kind of place i would want to shop if i were into yarn! and i figured perhaps some of you are, so . . . just wanted to throw it out there.
she is offering you all a 10% discount on top of the rewards program that they have ($15 off of $150), so really you all could score a total of 20% off!  
just head to the shop and enter the code:  shubox
the code is only good until 8/15.  you will have to let me know if you check it out!
more later from miami.  getting [sort of] settled.  feeling completely scattered.  apparently moving to a new place with about 2 hours/day to get anything productive done will do that to you . . .

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