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July 20, 2013

today was spent, in part, cleaning out our apartment.
because we are flying out in 5 days, and our movers are coming to pack and take everything [well, almost everything] away in approximately 36 hours.

i can’t believe this is all actually happening!  in some ways, the last few months felt like a slog, and i am incredibly ready to move on with the next step of my career.  but leaving durham is something i haven’t completely gotten a handle on yet.

i think maybe it will hit me when i get on that one-way flight next week.

or when i see our lovely [work in progress] home with new eyes, now that it’s actually ours.

getting real . . .

or perhaps when i take the test for a FL drivers’ license.  AHH, so many changes, big and small!

anyway, re: the cleaning . . .
josh and i are determined to cull our belongings so that we do not bring things we do not love [or need, or use] into our new home.  we are nowhere near zero waste home levels of asceticism, nor do we aim to get there.  but i want to have the feeling that everything in my home is because i consciously wanted it to be there, not just because it landed there by default.

we have 3 boxes of books to attempt to sell [and donate whatever doesn’t], already dropped off several bags of clothes at goodwill, and i got rid of an embarrassing amount of reaaaally old cosmetics and expired medications.

i found the lipstick [clinique’s “black honey”] that i wore TO THE PROM in one makeup bag, and this 1999 red leather esprit jacket in the closet.

party like it’s 14 years ago

josh, over the years, has really become an excellent partner in streamlining.  a decade ago, i could barely coax him to throw out his college physics notes.  today, he was throwing old t-shirts into a pile with glee, and i heard him saying, “i LOVE this” several times [seriously]. 
he could not, however, be convinced to part with this:

because apparently “it might be valuable.”  time — and ebay — will tell!

we did bring in one new purchase —
josh surprised me by arriving home with a LABEL MAKER!  i’ve never had one before.  as you can tell . . . i was excited.

so, that’s pretty much where we are these days.
i am starting to feel slightly better — or at least i did today.  this may be because i’m coming out of the worst part of the 1st tri [last time things improved around week 10-11, and i’m coming up on 10] or because i’ve figured out that while awake, i need to eat every 3 hours, nooooo exceptions.  
i have started to transfer fears about the move to fears about how annabel will deal with the move.
routines and stability are so important for toddlers, and a is about to have her world rocked – poor baby. we will try our best to keep what we can constant for her [bedtime, naps, food!] and cross our fingers on the rest.
best day care pic ever:

doctor’s day!
[they are wearing shoe covers on their heads 🙂 ]

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