updates from the deeper south

July 27, 2013

1) we made it!  my M-I-L [bebe] was worried that you all would be worried if i stayed silent for too long, so i thought i’d just lay it out there:  we’re here!  3:30 am wakeup + 7 carry-ons at the airport + 1 relatively well-behaved toddler on the plane =

well, it’s wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, nor was it the worst.  

2) gee, it’s hot here.  but it’s late july — it was hot where we came from, too!  the only difference is that lows here are higher – more like 77-78 rather than the low 70s/high 60s we were enjoying in durham.  AM runs have been pretty steamy but doable.  there is a tiny ocean breeze which does help.  plus, it’s flat.  and double-plus: i’ve been letting josh push the stroller, with early pregnancy as a convenient excuse.  

3) speaking of pregnancy: so far, so good on that front as well.  i actually already had my first OB appointment down here, the highlight of which was that sweet whoosh-whoosh-whoosh of the fetal heartbeat.  i think i’ll start to finally accept this as real after the 12-week ultrasound/NT scan.  just 1.5 weeks to go!
4) annabel loves it here because MAN are there a lot of new [to her] toys!  she has slept completely normally thus far and doesn’t seem fazed in the least.  i was incredibly sad to leave her old day care and almost cried the last day, which is sort of fitting because i cried when i dropped her off on the first one!  i really hope she loves it at her new one just as much, although she won’t start until 8/5.

5) just enjoying a lot of family fun.  really, it DOES feel like a vacation right now rather than a move, but maybe that’s okay.  most of our belongings are still on a truck somewhere, being held until our floors are ready for action in a week or so. 

we are staying at josh’s parents’ house like we have so many times before, so this just feels normal . . . for a temporary trip.  it actually seems like a nice way to ease in, though i’m itching to get everything set up in our home.
more later . . . i think this nap is drawing to a close!

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