weekend / blog thoughts

July 7, 2013
sometimes i think i’m my own worst enemy
when it comes to blogging.
i truly love doing it, and i usually have SOMETHING to say.  yet i struggle feeling like i have to put EVERYTHING swirling through my head in every post, which makes writing feel somewhat tiresome — and probably not the most fun to read, either.
i’ve often noticed that i get the most comments [and therefore have likely interested the most people] when my posts focus on one specific thing — and it doesn’t even matter what that one thing actually is!  it could be anything from a wardrobe crisis to a study strategy to a parenting dilemma, and many of you often chime in with interesting tidbits.
i love receiving comments, but more importantly i love writing and really unwinding and letting go while doing that.  this happens when i write about ideas and thoughts and feelings, and less when i try to cover “here’s what we did on saturday!” followed by 3 coveted madewell [or baby boden] items and a diatribe about how i’m going to fail my boards if i don’t start studying [sorry for the repetition there – can you tell it’s on my mind?].
anyway, i’m not even sure what i’m trying to say here except that i think i need to try to be more focused when i come to write here*.  i think i’ll at least give it a try.
* or it could be just that i’m really tired and nauseated and HORMONAL.  how many weeks left until 2nd tri?
so with that said, i’ll let these weekend shots speak for themselves, for the most part