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August 1, 2013

so, moving is weird.
to those of you who warned me just how stressful plunking yourself down in a new state is:

yeah, you’re right.  and this applies even though i’ve been surrounded with the most incredible family welcome committee ever.

there’s just something about having to all the sudden adjust to a whole new set of local mores – an entirely different landscape – an unfamiliar map – ALL AT ONCE – that is just physically and emotionally exhausting.  case in point: we spent 3 hours attempting to get our cars registered in the state of FL and left with nada.

i did, however, manage to score a license and actually did NOT have to take a test, written or otherwise.  so . . . you win some, you lose some.

we are headed off to canada for osheaga tomorrow.
in retrospect, i’m not sure this is exactly the trip we would have planned knowing our current circumstances [not being moved in, the pregnancy with its accompanying fatigue, hemorrhaging $] but . . . i am still excited.  i will miss annabel very much – when i sang her to sleep earlier this evening it hit me that i wouldn’t get to sing to her for the next 4 nights – quite a stretch.  but josh and i could use some time together without work/home improvement stress, and hey – you only finish residency once!

so time to party it up in montréal.  in a taking-lots-of-naps, eating-lots-of-patisserie-goodies sort of way.

gallery from the beach
[where we live now.  i keep having to remind myself that yes, we really actually LIVE here!]

bump watch: yes, it’s there.
no i don’t usually scowl like that.  

more obvious here?

and again sorry for the deadpan expression! josh took these stealthily for some reason.

muffin puffin!

with d., the baby-whisperer 🙂 [josh’s aunt]

how big is annabel?  SOOO big!

no explanation needed

other notes of significance

* annabel has mastered [well, mostly] the fork!  love her new grown up eating style, and that it slows her down a little.  she is a vacuum cleaner!
* the sun just feels hotter here, even at the same temperatures as NC.  am i crazy or is that actually possible?
* despite the fact that i was running much more before getting pregnant this time around compared to last time, i’ve already slowed down at least as much – perhaps more.  i do think some of this is purely heat related — i feel limited by my body’s ability to dissipate heat, plus i know it’s important to avoid overheating for safety’s sake during pregnancy.  typical run now is 3 x 10 minute segments at ~9:15 – 9:30 pace, and that’s without the stroller and with 2 minutes of walking recovery between each!  i’m totally happy with this, but it’s interesting that i had to dial down so quickly.  i hope to continue running [with walk breaks!] until the end this time like i did with annabel.  at least when i’m getting huge it will be cooling off a little down here.
* i transferred to my new erin condren planner today so now i really feel like i’ve moved/entered a new era 🙂
* just read about michelle au making the choice [after 8 years of balancing medicine + motherhood, and with 3 kids at home] to go part time.  i need some time to understand my reaction.  i still think the choice to work full time is the right one for me right now.  but her post is a nice reminder that it should always be a conscious one.

ps:  do not worry if i am silent for the next week or so – i think i’m going to spend our trip unplugged, though i do plan to take pictures!  i might even keep a paper journal like the old days.  au revoir for now!

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