some good things: a list

August 28, 2013

1) annabel is learning words without us ‘teaching’ them [repeating, emphasizing, pointing out in books] to her now.  i love it when i find out she knows something that i didn’t realize she did!  yesterday she answered a confident “naaay!” to “what does a horse say?” and today she casually answered “brolli” when i asked her what was on her plate [broccoli].

so normal, and yet so totally amazing to see it happen.

2) work is fun.  i’m totally in the honeymoon stage with a light patient schedule, but it’s really enjoyable.  the days go very fast.  and, because of the light schedule thing, i even worked in some study time into my work day today [between patients].  i feel like if i could do this every day — even if in fits and spurts — it will help.

3) my commute from work to annabel’s day care only took 31 minutes yesterday and 33 today.

4) i have a bunch of potential child care applicants from  i decided to take the plunge and post a position for a few hours of help each weekend — except i am making it a ‘mother’s helper’ job [ie, with me home] to start because . . . well, paranoia.  i figure i can get to know them, see who is a good fit and seems trustworthy, and then convert the ‘help’ sessions into babysitting in time.  it is encouraging that there seem to be a lot of people in the area interested.

5) josh came home tonight at 6:30 and gave annabel her bath.

6) i just made meatball stroganoff that was delicious [recipe from cooking light], though it took too long to create.  the best part:  no cooking tomorrow.

7) i decided to track my time this week since clearly this seems to be a point of major stress for me lately, and i want an objective look at what’s going on.  perhaps laura vanderkam will have some tips for me! [seriously . . . i hope so!]

8) i ordered a lime green stapler and other sundries from poppin and it’s already been shipped.


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