thanks + some action steps

August 26, 2013

seriously, you all are the best.
your thoughts and comments were so uplifting, and so many good suggestions.

this weekend was . . . well, it had its ups and downs.  one sobbing session [saturday] and one pretty good day [today!].  i still don’t really feel like myself but did have an enjoyable day today.  despite what it may seem like, annabel is a total delight right now and just a warm, snuggly, sweet girl that seems to be absorbing the world like a sponge.

while running late this afternoon, i started brainstorming a list of things that have been bringing me down and possible plans of attack.

negative things: a list
feeling like i have no time [or energy] left for leisure/myself

fretting about studying for boards

missing friends from NC/ feeling alone

feeling like i’m not sure what to do with my time [when i’m w/ a] because i lack the social networks and structure that was built into living in a city surrounded by friends and activities that we were used to


feeling sluggish [and guilty] about rather poor eating habits this entire pregnancy

freaking out about howAMiGOINGtoDOthis with 2

potential solutions
need to plan ahead and schedule out weekends better so i have places to be

need to hire babysitter so that i can do some studying on weekends when josh is on call, and plan on spending extra time at work on weekends when i am on call just studying

going to bed earlier.  and getting up EARLIER to reclaim some me-time in the mornings?!  [or maybe just getting more sleep.  maybe some days of each.]

calling or writing the friends/family that i miss.  planning trips.

eating better [less processed $*&@# and white carbs, more protein/veg/real food] for the poor baby’s sake

talking to a professional about everything.  [i think i am going to give it a little time first, but if things do not improve very soon then i am definitely going this route.]

try to seek out babysitter [family or otherwise] for one afternoon next weekend [josh is on call again] for targeted study time.  i can even just hide upstairs with my textbooks

make other plans for next weekend so i’m not floundering around

try to be in bed by 9 every weeknight.

– – – – – and with that, i’m out! – – – – – –

will leave you with 3 pix [well, 2 pix and a screen shot]:

sweet girl.  SOOO into cooking light mag 🙂
me, w/ a bump.  yes, i’m wearing a maternity top at 15 weeks.  OWNING IT.
[and yes, it’s a work bathroom mirror shot.  guess i have to own that, too.]
i didn’t even think it felt that bad on this evening’s neighborhood stroller run.
so i guess i’m acclimated now.
also, i’m pretty sure 59% humidity is considered dry here.
[~8 minutes SLOW running / ~2 min walk breaks, as you can see above.  i’m not totally crazy.]