August 8, 2013
or trying to, anyway.
our house isn’t ready to move into – but we’re going to anyway.
[apparently the plumbing will be done tomorrow.  we hope.]
every seems to take 2x as longer than it seems like it would and cost 3x as much.
josh went to pick up annabel at her new day care and they — the toddlers — were watching a movie.  i don’t know how common an occurrence this is, but i am somewhat freaking out about it, as we’ve been pretty strictly trying to stick to the ‘no-TV-before-age-2’ AAP guideline*.  [does this happen at other day cares??  would this horrify you, too!?]
and i’m still nauseated and freaking TIRED.  not trying to sound so negative – i think everything will be all right in the end, and hopefully much better than just all right – but looking forward to feeling more under control.
you all said 6 months, so i’m holding you to that.  right at my due date . . .
in other news, 
montreal was wonderful.  josh and i had a great time together, and annabel’s wonderful grandparents — bebe and poppy — were our heroes.  i think we slept 10+ hours every single night.

a few randomly selected pix:

amazing dinner at osteria vent
highlight: squid ink pasta

our hotel room
we stayed at the hotel st. paul, and it was perfect.
great service, fun location, and modern clean design.  

mumford & sons on the last night of osheaga — amazing
i don’t even love the band that much but live they were fantastic.
other festival highlights included vampire weekend, lumineers, the head and the heart, beach house, wild nothings, and kendrick lamar [surprise hit!].

best brunch at cafe vallier
‘summit’ of mont royal
running near habitat 67

first taste of poutine
[not going to lie: i prefer belgian style frites with mayo.  but still good.]
meanwhile, back in miami beach:

you can tell annabel missed us terribly
i also had my NT ultrasound today.  i was impressed, once again, at just how baby-like a 12-weeker appears.  will find out the sex at the end of september!  i have absolutely no preference but can’t waaaaaaait to find out.  i have no idea how people manage to wait the whole 9 months.
* PS: i know this is going to be a million times harder to enforce for #2.  but still.