August 11, 2013
day care: follow up
as always, thank you all for the outpouring of thoughtful responses.  i ended up contacting both the center director and the room’s main teacher [who was not there when the TV was on].  the teacher acted [genuinely] surprised, and told me that while they do have a TV it is used very rarely — for example, a brief period if it were storming and they needed to calm everyone down.  the center director contacted me by email and apologized, saying it wouldn’t happen again.  so, i feel much better about the situation.  we have otherwise been happy — so far — and the day care is very convenient in terms of hours and location, so we would love to stay there if it works out.  we are planning on doing a nanny/day care hybrid once the new baby arrives, but that’s a topic for a different day.
still at the [generous, gracious] in-laws’ now . . .  but planning on moving into our actual house tomorrow.  i am [slowly, begrudgingly] accepting the fact that it will continue to be a work in progress for quite some time.  for example: we currently don’t have a closet in our room.  our washer/dryer have yet to be delivered.  we don’t have a couch or cable set up yet — or internet, so posting is going to be slow for a while!  we are going to have boxes piled high in our future nursery which i hate — but i guess i should just shut the door and be less grumpy about that, seeing as we have 6 months before that space is needed for its intended purpose.  [more, really since the baby will be in our room for a while, too!]

works in progress.  safety first!

we could have bought a move-in ready house, but instead we chose one with long-term potential, character, and [i think] classic beauty.  so i think it will be worth it in the end even though right now it feels drawn out and a little bit painful.

i realize that i am a broken record about this, but –
I. AM. SO. TIRED.  i remember being pregnant with annabel and being told by veteran mothers to savor that pregnancy, because it’s wa-a-a-a-y easier than any subsequent.  i have vague memories of just going to bed at 8 pm many nights back then and sleeping 10 hours — because in doing that, i still had time to do my job, perform basic self-care duties, and even run and get in a little me-time.  now, not so much — plus there’s the physical fatigue that comes with chasing around/picking up a 25+ lb curly-headed ball of energy.  today, josh went to work on the house while i spent the day with annabel, and by 4 pm i was practically falling asleep while playing with her.  he pointed out that maybe i’m using too much energy running with her in the mornings [3.5 miles with the stroller outside in 80+ heat this AM, 2 quick walk breaks – i’m adjusting!] but i feel like a) exercise is GOOD for pregnancy and may have helped me feel pretty decent during annabel’s and b) i need it to relieve stress, because i have a lot of that right now.
i remember getting ALL of my energy back in the second tri last time and i am hoping it arrives swiftly at the start of week 13 [next week].  come on hormones . . .
starting a new job, in a new city — i of course had all of these pie-in-the-sky ideas about how everything would just fall perfectly into place.  how we’d be living in our new [perfectly decorated orgnaized] house, with a calendar full of fun family activities and other events.   and i’d have this new great routine and so much ENERGY from the fresh start and we’d all be in elated moods all the time. 
needless to say — just, no.  things are moving slowly.  we have a million adjustments to make.  i am — despite the fact that i did know what i was getting into moving here — experiencing a bit of culture shock.  i miss things about my old life, like my running routes and crisp morning air and durham friends and the bacon at parker & otis and feeling like i knew what i was doing at work.  but we will keep on keeping on, tweaking and adjusting, and i have a feeling that everything will be all right in the end.
oh, and of course
annabel already has a cold from her new day care.  really really really not surprising, but still arghgh!

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