annabel [and me], 17 months

September 11, 2013
good morning!
i’m trying something new:  a morning writing session every week or so.  i’ve been a bit nostalgic lately for the days when i did this routinely, and realized . . .well, why not bring the ritual back in some form?
except rather than daily, i think that once/week is more realistic.  
today, just a few words on miss a. — 
and what our lives look like right now.  first of all, i have to say that for me there’s been a definite shift over the past week or so — and i am feeling much more comfortable in our new lives.  accepting of some of the unexpected changes, and more proactive about making this unfamiliar place feel like HOME.  
and so, i can once again focus on the important things.  like  . . . the muffin 🙂
annabel is definitely not a hyper child, but definitely gets in moods where all she wants to do is wander/run around, exploring open spaces outside.  she loves climbing UP sliding boards, and will enjoy a good ‘down’ once in a while, too.
. . . and it was all YELLOW . . .
we’ve gotten to the age where there have been some interesting interactions with other kids at playgrounds and public places, too.  the other day at cafe bambini she had a great time, but there was an older girl [maybe 2.5?] who started pushing her down for no reason.  her confused and upset look SERIOUSLY broke my heart.  i did the calm thing and removed her from the situation and hugged her.  i resisted yelling at the other kid, because her mom was there . . . and i didn’t want to start a fight! although she was deep into her coffee + conversation and may have missed the whole thing.
anyway, i’m sure that’s the least of what we’re going to be dealing with in the future . . . but it was an interesting little taste!  so fascinating how my mama bear instincts came out so fiercely.
it depends on her mood, but if she has the right toys at the right time she will focus INTENSELY for quite some time.  both josh and i [well, especially me] tend to be the kinds of people who tune out the world when we’re really into something, so maybe she got this from us.
she will also sit there and quietly absorb multiple books at times – either by herself, or while being read to.  i am hoping she keeps her good attention span!

intently into . . . something

skills & verbiage
while i enjoyed the newborn period, there is NOTHING like watching your child learn new things every day!  words, physical skills [like walking backwards and turning in circles], and following instructions — it amazes me every time despite it all being completely normal stuff!
she is a great imitator, either of songs/phrases or of actions – the other day i crossed my arms just randomly and seconds later she was in the same stance.  a mini me, ha!
i have lost count of the words that she has.  she does not do real phrases or word combos yet but does say ‘all-gone’ and ‘all-done’ and she did say ‘big box’ the other day — but she was repeating it after i said it, so not sure that counts.  she understands a LOT – i can ask her to turn around, or ‘hand this sock to daddy’ or to ‘clean up’, and she will do it . . . if in the right mood.  she does have a stubborn streak and if she doesn’t WANT to do something [get sunscreen put on. . . wear her shoes . . . take a bath, sometimes . . .brush her teeth] — making it happen is NOT easy.

so i keep reading about picky toddlers who won’t eat anything.  no one seems to have the opposite problem . . . but a. pretty much never wants to END a meal!  i’m just considering it a positive that she will still eat anything we give her, from broccoli to smoked salmon [jealous, since i can’t have any right now!].  she is doing well with a spoon and fork, although sometimes she resorts to her hands for expediency’s sake.  we give her milk about once/day, and the rest of the time she happily drinks water.

i think people look at her and wonder if i feed her junk food because she’s definitely a bigger kid — and the answer is a firm NO.  i just want to show them my own baby pictures, because i definitely shared her body habitus as a baby/young child!  her weight is on the high end of the growth charts [height just under average], but our pediatrician told us not to worry. . . so, i won’t.  but i will keep making sure her diet is healthy and i am sure everything will even out like it did with me [and my mom, who was the same way as a baby].

foodie in training

day-in-the-life:  a rough sketch
since i just did 2 weeks of time logging, this is easy to recreate!  
5a – i am up.  usually to run.  today to write.  sometimes to do yoga.  and sometimes i sleep in 🙂
5:45a – i shower
6:00 – 6:15a – muffin is up!  josh gets her if i am now downstairs yet.
6:15a – breakfast for all.  we’ve recently started making a. WAIT until everyone’s food is ready so we can eat together.  she may be sloooowly becoming more patient 🙂
6:45a – get her ready for day care – sunscreen, shoes, etc
7:15a – josh takes her to day care, i finish getting ready
7:30a – commute to work + work [perhaps a work-specific day-in-the-life another time!]
5:45p – i arrive to pick a. up at day care
6:00p – home + dinner for a., playtime
6:40p – bath
6:50p – bedtime routine
7:10p – annabel in bed!  i make dinner
9p – mommy in bed 🙂
6:30a [sometimes at late as 7, woohoo!] – a up
7:00a – breakfast together
8:00a – stroller run [both josh and me if he is home – and he pushes!]
9:00a – something outdoors: local park, or swimming. quick snack.
10:00a – some kind of play date or activity
12:00p – lunch
12:30p – play time/wind down
1:00p – nap
3:00p – a up!  lately, babysitter comes around now – on sundays, anyway.  a plays, i study/clean up/prep for week/rest
6:00p – dinner all together, preferably
6:30p – a’s bedtime routine, with bath/book/etc
7:10p – a bed.  josh and i stay in and watch a movie, or perhaps go out while someone has the easier babysitting job ever
??? – bed.  but honestly it’s usually before 10p!
okay, i hear someone saying ‘beee’ on the monitor. not sure what that means but i think the muffin puffin* is up! happy wednesday . . . 

* yes, i still call her this.  not sure when or if i will be able to stop.

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