September 13, 2013

giving annabel a bath this evening, i noticed a funny looking bruise on her shoulder.  

except on closer inspection, it wasn’t a bruise — the markings were clearly mouth-shaped.  toddler mouth-shaped.
it’s not the bite that bothered me — of COURSE that’s bound to happen in day care!  it’s the fact that no one mentioned this to me or josh.  it may be related to our pickup/dropoff hours, or perhaps it’s a language barrier [much of the day care staff speaks some english, but not everyone.]  am i naive or being too nitpicky to expect this sort of thing to be mentioned?
josh postulated that maybe they didn’t notice it happening, but . . . that would be equally disturbing, if not more so.
i really think annabel has a good time at her day care and generally the care is good.  but i keep getting an uneasy feeling that it’s not as good as it perhaps could be.  we were planning on changing up our childcare routine once #2 arrived anyway, but maybe we need to start a nanny search now.