it’s a . . .

September 27, 2013

it’s a teaser.

sorry!  i actually don’t get to find out until this afternoon!  so i will take these last moments of uncertainty and revel in them a little bit this morning.  i actually really [REALLY] have no preference.  i think that deep down, i wanted annabel to be a girl, but this time — no.  i am 100% open and excited about either possibility; as cliché as it sounds, i only want them to be healthy!  and, as i am impatient and do NOT do well with waiting — i am dyyyyyyyyying to find out.

everyone keeps asking me if i have any guesses, which is pretty much ridiculous because — well, if pregnant women could tell what they were having, we’d know all about it by now [and i’m sure there’d be an algorithm and an app to run through it.]

but, despite the fact that this pregnancy has been a carbon copy of #1, i sort of think it’s a boy.

[for the record, i also thought that about annabel.]

19.5 weeks
pic #2 in the bathroom series.  at least i’m consistent.

my parents are here this week, which is why i haven’t posted in a few days.  that, and i have a nasty annabel-derived cold.  somehow, i stayed completely germ-free throughout my gestation with her, but obviously with a toddler at home i wasn’t going to be able to re-experience that miracle.  so:

— no running
— not enough sleep
— but a lot of good family time.

it’s been a positive week overall, despite the fatigue and congestion.

1) i almost bought the new iPhone today (5s, silver) but couldn’t pull the trigger.  really, my 4s works fine.  i’m sure i’ll succumb eventually but am proud of my restraint — at least for now.

2) current music excitement:  the new arcade fire album comes out in october!  so far, i like their new single release [“reflektor”].

“The signals we send

Are deflected again
We’re still connected
But are we even friends?”
other artists i am currently loving:
— pure bathing culture
— sleigh bells [for running]
— CHVRCHES [full length album coming out!]
— washed out
3) i have glucose tolerance test #1 today in addition to my ultrasound — they’re doing it early since i failed #1 the last time.  i’m a little nervous.  wish me luck.
4) i think my maternity wardrobe is complete.  crossing my fingers i am not stuck at week 33 with nothing that fits.  [didn’t happen last time, but i was lucky enough to have no swelling and a smallish baby!]
5) i have a completely ridiculous and impulsive hankering for a field notes subscription.  i think i can resist, but it’s going to be tough.
back sometime soon with a more informative update!

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