update on several fronts

September 17, 2013

1) dinner.  purposely chose easy recipes this week.   currently in the middle of preparing this one.  looks like fall comfort food — i plan on celebrating all of the seasons even if the weather here doesn’t correlate.  [and i am not complaining.  honestly, i do not think i will ever miss winter.]

last night, we had this ridiculously quick shrimp risotto from eating well mag.  it certainly was not authentic [used frozen brown rice instead of arborio] but it came together soooo fast and was tasty.  lamenting the fact that i currently have no quick ‘standards’, i am planning on starting a file of recipes to actually make more than once, and this one is going in.  any fast favorites to nominate?
2) work.  OMDG asked recently how work is going now that i am in my first attending-level position.  obviously, i would never share negatives about how things are going — this is, after all, a public website and my picture is on it!  but i can’t think of any reason to hold back on the positives.  and right now, i can honestly say i am REALLY enjoying it.  i am an extrovert, so spending the day with patients tends to energize me, and truly — kids make me smile!  i like educating and explaining plans to families.  i really have FUN during most of my appointments and find it amazing that i’m actually getting to do what i get to do as my job.  

when i’m not sure what to do clinically, the wonderful part about endocrinology is that almost nothing is urgent — and i can go to the literature, or run down the hall to ask one of my [very!] experienced colleagues questions.
i am finding it more fun than fellowship because — well, it’s incredibly gratifying to be IN CHARGE after so many years of . . . not.  and i really do feel 100% ready for it, thanks to the training.
3)  childcare.  the stars somehow aligned and we are in the process of finalizing plans with a nanny candidate that we really, really like!  we hadn’t planned on doing this until after #2, but really, in the grand scheme of things, we aren’t that far away from being a family of 4, and i suppose making one less transition in february will probably be a great help — for both annabel AND me.  
we are going to keep her in part-time day care [quasi-preschool at a different place] because i just feel like she really benefits from the social aspects.  i’m both nervous and excited about the transition.  
4) gratuitous pix.  
pic #1: to give my mom credit for this ridiculously sweet hand-knit dress. 
too bad i couldn’t get her to stand still without a distractor!
pic #2: a’s reaction to her baby cousin e. [2nd cousin].  looks a little skeptical to me . . . maybe she knows what’s coming.

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