study break

October 16, 2013

or uhh, preamble.

soooo not in the mood to tackle the first half [half!] of the rather broad topic of thyroid.   i’ve been doing fairly well since i started boards boot camp a whole 3 days ago, but now i’m tired.  and while laura vanderkam pointed out yesterday that this is part of a woman’s typical narrative today [whether true or not!], i hate being tired.  
i prefer happy.  and rested.  or at least rested-ish.
speaking of happy . . . blurry halloween preview?
i don’t think the hat’s going to fly
in fact, i’d like to shout from the rooftops right now that one of my main goals in life is to NOT be tired for as much of the rest of it as is possible.  i will allow exceptions for tiredness that serves a much higher purpose [hellooooooo newborn #2!] and also for that oh-so-satisfying tiredness that comes from real physical exertion [like an interval workout . . . or a marathon].
but otherwise, no.  it’s not worth it to me.  as i’ve written before, i’d rather opt out of that game altogether.  
so i’m going to cut this short and check out thyroid for a few minutes before passing out.  and then i’m going to sleep 8 hours, possibly interrupted by a bathroom break.
good night 🙂

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