weekend revelations

October 14, 2013

2>1.  as in, 2 parents off-duty = much more fun than one.  both josh and i spent some time working — he is drowning in patient documentation, and i have put myself into boot camp mode for my boards, which are in [eek!] 1 month.  but everything is more fun when we are both off, and it makes the weekend feel almost like a mini-vacation.

a. chilling on a pool chair before today’s swim class.
she had a good time in the water and thoroughly tired herself out, 
but she’s still working on the whole ‘holding your breath underwater’ thing.

i even got to sleep in today until after 8!  [we took turns getting up with a.  i highly recommend this!]

this is actually considered ‘fall’.  while i do miss the glorious fall weather in NC [october and april were my 2 favorite months to live there!], this isn’t so bad.  great pool weather during the day, no more daily lightning bolts in the forecast, and someday the lows might actually go under 70.

there’s something about restaurant food . . . that can sometimes make me feel like (@*#&!.  we tried a new [to us] place on saturday night, a small-plates restaurant called wynwood kitchen and bar.  the food was fine but not special, and the atmosphere was a bit too loud for my taste, because clearly i’m getting old.  but let me get back to the original point:  you know how when you go out to eat and drink some wine, sometimes you wake up at night reaaaaaally thirsty, and hot, and sweaty, and with mild palpitations?

[or is it just me?]

. . . anyway, i always attributed it to the wine.  but last night, i obviously didn’t have anything to drink*, and i STILL woke up at 2 am with these lovely symptoms.  is it the high-salt, high-fat food?  just eating too much [although i don’t feel like i went terribly crazy!] and not drinking enough water?  or do restaurants put MSG or other additives in the food to make it tasty . . . and slightly dangerous?

regardless, i thought it was interesting, albeit very annoying.  anyone else experience anything like this?

i never really want to go to a non-online shop for chlidren’s clothing ever again.
[or diapers.  or toiletries.  or household supplies.  or anything else other than food and clothes that need to be tried on.]

this evening’s small victory was that annabel’s shoes are still out there!

a. wore these to the ground in a size 4 this past spring and then her feet grew and i couldn’t find them again.  she has super-wide feet and somehow these accommodated her, even though they don’t officially offer wide sizing.  and now they magically exist again!

i want one more dayyyyy
with more of this, please:

* i know some pregnant women are comfortable with enjoying an occasional glass of vino from time to time, but the thought just doesn’t appeal to me.  i’m more tempted by smoked salmon, runny eggs, and deli meat.

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