just so much to say

February 23, 2014

this beautiful gift joined us 3 days ago.  i’m in a sea of powerful emotions, from joy [obvious] to melancholy [to having it go by too fast] to amazement.  there’s also a great deal of nostalgia [for 22.5 months ago!] and happiness and anticipation and excitement.

i am filled with the desire to write down the millions of thoughts/realizations i am having about being mother of a newborn for the second time — and about becoming a family of four.  at the same time, i’m also just wanting to spend as much time as possible with him curled into a perfect soft lump on my chest.  
so, hopefully i’ll strike a happy medium, particularly while home over the next 10 weeks.  birth story to come, although i am thankful that it is a short and non-dramatic one!

[and for comparison: baby annabel, less than a week old.
yes they are clearly brother + sister!!!]
i can’t believe we are lucky enough to have both of them.