SLEEP: the missing link

June 28, 2014

SO.  The past few days have been sort of rough.  I haven’t worked out since Tuesday.  I have not been able to finish things at work, in part because I’ve been totally inefficient.  I had one terrifying moment on my drive home when I realized I was not as alert as I should have been (NOT okay to take micro-naps on the highway).

The obvious common demoninator:  I AM SO TIRED.  Yes, again.  C, sweet thing that he is, still seems to think he is supposed to be on a newborn’s sleep schedule.  And maybe he is!  And that would probably be okay if I weren’t working full time (though still not easy).

Last night, he went to bed at 7:30pm, and was up to eat at:

– 10 pm
– midnight
– 2 am
– 5 am

Basically, the sleep patterns of your average 3 week old (he’s 4+ months).  Luckily he DOES fall asleep after eating, but there are also sometimes additional wake ups when he loses the paci in between.  He’s still in our room in the Rock ‘n’ Play, because I can’t bear to deal with the idea of going up and down stairs for this many wakeups.  And he has yet to stay asleep for more than 10 minutes in the crib.

I am starting to feel crazy and not super happy, and I know it’s 100% sleep deprivation.  Things I am going to try:

— Giving him a full bottle from the freezer stash at bedtime.  I’ve been resisting this because — well, it seems like I can satisfy him just enough at the breast and therefore I haven’t been able to convince myself that this makes sense.   If he doesn’t eat all night my supply will probably drop but at this point I think it will be worth the sacrifice.

— Starting baby oatmeal before bed.  Apparently, the pendulum is swinging BACK to early food introduction (to be honest, I haven’t done the research on it myself).  I’m willing to take her word for it especially if it might help satisfy him more and help him sleep.

— Continuing to work on the crib transition.  I think he actually might be getting too hot all swaddled in the Rock ‘n’ Play, and I don’t think it’s helping his plagiocephaly (flat head – more on that later).

I definitely don’t feel like he’s old enough to do any sort of formal sleep training, but he’s 16 1/2 lbs.  I think the q3h feedings probably don’t need to be happening anymore!

PS: He eats 15 oz (3 x 5oz bottles) while I’m at work and I breastfeed in the AM before work, at 6 pm, at bedtime (around 7:30pm is when he seems to get tired), and overnight a bunch of times as above.  I totally don’t expect him to do 7:30 – 7:30 or anything like that (A never did!) but even just 1 or 2 wake ups would be a huge improvement at this point.

PPS: His thyroid function was checked 2 weeks ago since he’s on Synthroid for congenital hypothyroidism.  I was hoping maybe he was overtreated so we could drop the dose, but levels were perfect.