day in the life: 11.19.14

November 20, 2014
4:50a (yes 4:50): alarm goes off.  10 minutes of staring into the blue light of my phone to wake up (why not?) and then a little pre-run snack/espresso and blog reading/email session.
5:30a headed out the door for 4 rainy and cool (61 degrees!) miles:
6:15a (the time Josh and I have agreed upon): HOME.  Josh is already up working; kids are asleep.  I shower. . .
6:30a A is now awake.  Breakfast is underway as I head downstairs:  
You wear your Frozen cape to breakfast too, right?
6:45a Lunch prep!  Leftover salad + a quickie salmon salad made from homemade olive oil mayo and canned (wild) salmon.

6:55a C is up!  He begins the day with half a banana – his new routine.  I use the luxurious banana-eating time to make an omelet and some more espresso.

7:45a G arrives and I head out the door.  Traffic on 95, so it takes me ~40 minutes.  HOWEVER I am listening to Serial so I barely noticed.

8:30a Time to work!  Phone calls, 5 morning patients (3 news), and notes.  

1p Lunch.  Cut short due to above notes, but it’s worth it NOT to have to bring them home.

1:20p Afternoon patients.  Only 4, with one new — the last one didn’t show up, which worked out well timing-wise since the one before that was pretty late.  All in all, a not-too-heavy day.

Mid-afternoon, I get a sad text from G. that A is not wanting to participate in gymnastics.  (Chronic pattern, not helped by the fact that she is usually asleep during the time that gymnastics is held).  This is depressing but I think she just needs a fresh start with another activity in a couple of months or so.

5p 8/9 notes are done, which is good enough for me.  I am off to see my babies.

5:45p HOME!

6:15p Long FaceTime conversation with my parents planning out Thanksgiving week.  A falls off of our couch doing mermaid moves.  C tries very hard to crawl forward, but no dice.
7p C gets his last bottle and goes to sleep (no resistance).  Annabel gets to watch Mickey.  I get to drink a glass of this:

Everyone is happy!

 8:20p A is asleep after 3 books and one 3-minute Frozen clip on my phone.  Sadly, Josh is not home yet (his Tuesdays and Wednesdays are typically the worst — but otherwise normally we are together in the evenings).  Therefore, dinner is eaten while browsing social media and writing this post.

Leftover eggplant and ground pork strata from Well Fed
Glamorous paper towel and laptop backdrop

9:20p This post has been written, 2 dark (88%) chocolate squares have been consumed, and I am totally tired.  Good night 🙂 

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