5 (or more) lovely things

March 20, 2015
1) Uniball Jetstream 3-color pens

pic from jet pens, which is where I buy these kinds of things.

2) Planet Money podcast.  File this one under ‘things that I’m into that I never thought I’d be into”, but it’s interesting!

3) Having a calculator that is not my phone.  Revolutionary

Pink = happy, plus no one will be able to get away with stealing it

4) Belle and Sebastian, both old and new.  My favorite radio station (satellite XMU) played “The Party Line” followed by “Seeing Other People“.  The former came out this year, and the latter in 1996.  1996.  I became oddly emotional hearing these two songs juxtaposed while en route to work, thinking about the passage of time and how different (but good different!) things are now.  “Seeing Other People” still sounds fresh to me, probably because I am old.

5) Stride Rite.  Summer sandals (that I ordered) arrived on my doorstep yesterday.  Though there’s really no non-sandal season here, A&C were growing out of their size 4&7s.  For some nostalgic reason, I just love their kids’ shoes.  Also, I am related to the company’s former president, Arnold Hiatt (my mother’s great uncle? cousin? something.  Help me out, mom!).  (Mr. Hiatt does not know I exist and I don’t get a discount*.  Unfortunately.)

* though I did get a coupon in the mail, which I used on the above!
Our wonderful nanny actually took the kids overnight last night, which is why I am writing this post at the luxurious hour of 6:28 AM.  Having an entire night off once in a while feels like an amazing break.

I spent yesterday evening finishing this:

. . . which means it lasted an entire 4 days.  I loved it.  The message, the themes, the characters — something about it was just spot-on.  Next up is Gretchen Rubin’s Better than Before, which I pre-ordered, thinking it was one of the few volumes I’ll want to keep, plus it seems like a nice one to be able to lend out.

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