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July 30, 2015
I’m in such a mood today.  Ugh.  I will blame said mood on:

– hormones

– no AM workout (it was a planned rest day, so no run or barre this AM.  I swear my brain chemistry just gets some sort of very real boost from a workout.  And at this very moment, I can tell it is missing.)

– frustration over discipline issues with A again.  Agh.  The yelling (yeah, I thought I’d never be that mom — and now I am.  #(*&#@!) and nightly timeouts are not working, nor am I even able to enforce them.  I need to move on to some new tactics.  

– work.  I love my job (I really do!) but this has been a rough week.  Also, I get really annoyed (sorry) when patients are late (like >30 minutes), especially time-consuming ones.  I then have to ‘fit them in’ which means throwing everyone else off, including the subsequent patients.  

– negative anticipation — ie, the opposite of anticipating a fun vacation or treat.  Josh is on call this weekend (bah), then I’m on call for the next 7 days.  Then we DO get some vacation, but I’m actually sort of nervous about that (our kids are not really in the ‘easy to travel with!’ stage yet).

Anyway.  All of this has translated into a horribly unfocused and rather unpleasant day.  Maybe tonight will be better.  At least I’ve stayed off of my phone!

What I originally set out to write about was photo organizing and video archiving.  I came to the grand conclusion this morning that I DO NOT CARE about maintaining some elaborate digital photo archive.  I am completely content with — gasp — printed paper albums.  I finally started putting together 2014, and will continue to make a shutterfly (or similar) book a year until I’m too old to have memories to photograph (ie hopefully a long time).  

Our method of culling the yearly photos is to post all of the good ones (225 of them in 2014) to a shared photostream, and then I just upload those to shutterfly and make a book.  DONE AND DONE.  No giant libraries or complicated archiving to contend with, and no worrying about paper becoming obsolete.  

VIDEOS however are a different story.  If I could put them on paper, I would!  Making DVDs is not the answer because i have heard that they can degrade with time, plus it’s 2015 and we already only own one DVD drive in the house (on my Mac), so who knows what 2040 will bring?

Soooo, I think that videos need to go online.  Josh was thinking YouTube makes the most sense, but that seems a little public, especially as the kids get older (although maybe they have a private setting?).  I found this recently published cnet article useful, and I am leaning towards just using Google.  (I just don’t see that company disappearing, though you never know!).

How do you store your videos?  Do you meticulously archive your online photos?  Will you, too, be partaking in a much-needed glass of wine tonight?

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