July 20, 2015
Ahhhhhh.  We had a great family weekend.  And I almost just wrote that I didn’t want it to end, but actually — it was perfect just as it was.  Maybe one more day would have been nice.  

I really relish the juxtaposition between work and home lately.  Home is so active, rowdy, and non-stop.  Now that A doesn’t nap, things really do just kind of MOVE all day.  On Sunday, I didn’t run but still logged over 12,000 steps.  I look back and the memories are so sweet.  But I’m also happy to be sitting in my chair right now (post-lunch and waiting for the first patient to be roomed!).

Anyway.  Because I like to bask in the memories of a successful and happy weekend AND because I am a voyeur who loves to read what others do with their time, here’s the rundown:


Kids up @ ~6:30. 

I ran at around 8.  It was HOT!  4.79 miles and I was toast.  (I am glad I am not training for any long races now – remind me never to sign up for a fall marathon.)

At around 10, we packed up and headed out to Young at Art — we have a membership which has already paid for itself severalfold.   It’s a 35 minute drive, and both kids fell asleep for a little while, which ended up working out just fine. 

We hit Ally’s Comfort Cafe Too for lunch, and then headed back to YAA until 2:30 or so.  

Then home — where Cameron napped until 5:30 (!).  I think Josh worked 4-6.
Dinner at home (okay fine, some of it was takeout and the rest of it was leftovers), then out to the playground until 8.
Both kids in bed at around 8:30 – a record late night for Mr. C!

I got up at 6:30 thinking that perhaps I would do a barre workout, but kids were up @ ~6:30.  
Josh went to work for a few hours, and we headed to playdate #1 at the JCC for swim/playground.
This was followed by impromptu brunch at Roasters & Toasters, where the playdate continued for kids + adults,   
We got home, C passed out, and we had more friends (also with kids A&C’s ages!) come over for playdate #2.
At 6 we had a babysitter come, and Josh and I headed out to see Trainwreck (not perfect, but pretty @*#!$ entertaining)
Exhausted from all of the playing, our babysitter texted us that A put herself to bed before 7 — even too tired to WATCH FROZEN.  (Aaaaaand our lucky babysitter who got to enjoy a long peaceful evening at $$$/hr.  I have literally NEVER seen Annabel do that before).
We finished up with dinner at Hua Hua’s Taqueria
– a lot of playing, laughing, hugging w/ the kids
– many restaurant meals (although nowhere extravagant)
– date night
– a run
We haven’t made out 2016 work schedules yet but I am THISCLOSE to committing to putting our call weekends simultaneous (with childcare).  Because I absolutely LOVE these weekends when are all together and having 34 of them next year (rather than 23) sounds like a dream.

On another note:  A’s behavior was better.  I’m wondering if part of her funk was just having a cold?  I’m reading Simplicity Parenting right now anyway and loving it so far.

C in his element

A post-brunch date 

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  • Reply amyruthj March 10, 2019 at 7:13 pm

    When did she give up her nap? I found it took us several months post-nap to really get into a groove. Sleep deprivation is brutal on toddlers — glad she got to bed early!

    Would love to hear your thoughts on Simplicity Parenting when you’re finished with it! Like I said before it was pretty life changing to me.

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