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November 11, 2015

I am feeling the urge to write more, but other things have taken precedence.  I was going to write “I haven’t had the time”, but that would be
false.  I have chosen to run, spend time with A/C/J, work, and do other things instead.  So, here’s an update on some of those things.

Running/workouts:  I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I am back into training mode and planning to run the Miami Half Marathon again (did it last year, too).  I’ve been using the training plan/app from runcoach.  I’ll have to do a more in-depth review after the race, but having pre-planned workouts and an app that leads me through them (including timed intervals!) has been fun.  I’m averaging about ~20 miles/week — nothing crazy — and the plan will peak at around 30.

Runcoach Calendar

Vacation:  Yep, it happened.  And we stayed home!  Basically, I:
– rested
– spent time with A&C (also went to Cameron’s Mommy&Me class on Tuesday/Thursday, his gymnastics on Wednesday, and Annabel’s ballet on Thursday)
– had A’s parent-teacher conference (thankfully things are going well)
– ran
– had a massage and went on a Miami Beach architecture tour
– spent time with friends V&J who happened to pick the perfect long weekend to spend here.

This approach saved (a lot of!) money and was honestly a lot less stressful than packing/traveling/etc with A&C.  And I would do it again.

Coming back from vacation:  OMG, it’s never easy!  Not because I wasn’t mentally ready to go to work — but because in my line of work this means a pile of undone stuff, and no built-in catchup time to actually do it.  I’m not sure how to solve this.  But at least I’ve been somewhat zen about it.  So far.

November habits:  Meh.  After doing really well with all of the goals I set for myself in October, November has been . . . less consistent.  But vacation (and deviating from routine/resting/etc) was worth it.

Video storage: So, I’ve decided to upload our videos to Google Photo.  Has anyone tried this?  It’s such a great idea in theory but painfully slow in practice.

Work:  I mentioned previously that I am adding another dimension to my career as a pediatric endocrinologist.  Our institution is building a pediatric residency program, and I’m going to be the Associate Program Director!  I am very excited.  Of course, I will still be doing my ‘regular job’ 80% of the time, but 2 half-days per week will be blocked off so my patient load will decrease a bit.  I am really really itching to learn all I can about graduate medical education and program design.  And — surprisingly — looking forward to using the ‘General Peds’ part of my brain again.

Link:  I love this post from Laura V.  I think so much of the commentary of “stressed/overly busy” has more to do with the nature of the individual reporting (and their expectations!) than it does with the actual situation.   Lately I have been just choosing not to stress (and yes, I have to consciously keep reminding myself sometimes) and it has been working surprisingly well.  Life is feeling easier, lighter, more fun — even with a lot of things going on.

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