Monday notes

November 16, 2015

So much to think about with the recent tragic events in Paris.  Every time one of these events occurs, I am struck with the realization of how fragile human lives really are.  No day should ever be taken for granted.  I feel incredibly grateful that our family lives in a relatively secure place, but there are no guarantees of safety anywhere.  My heart goes out to those who are suffering.

* * * * * *

I just finished up a relatively stressful weekend, giving my PCOS presentation Saturday (went well, I think!) followed by a round-table discussion on growth yesterday.  Perhaps due to this stress, I have found myself falling into some bad time-wasting habits.  Today is the start of a new week, and my only goal is to live with the kind of intention that reflects that transient and precious nature of life noted above.

More kindness.
Less rushing.
More learning.
Less mindless zoning out.
More empathy.
Less reactivity.
More love.

* * * * * *

Upcoming posts (because writing a list like this helps me to actually follow through)

1) Simplicity Parenting summary/review
2) Day-in-the-life: weekend & weekday editions
3) A (no-longer-paleo) What-I-Ate post (why not?)
4) Thoughts on the urgent vs the important

* * * * * *

Weekend Scenes:

Cannot get enough of this face.
Annabel not subscribing to minimalist philosophy . . . 

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