Weekend notes

December 14, 2015
This weekend was . . . well, it was okay.

It probably should have been great — it had all of the elements of great.  Two parents off from work!  Opportunity for date night!  First double-digit long run in forever!  Holiday & party!  But, while there were sweet moments, I will admit I was happy for Monday to roll around today.


Lately I have been putting a lot of thought into time.  How much I have.  How much is left.  How to best allocate it.  How to make more of it (impossible, actually).  Sometimes I think my frantic emphasis on using it in the ‘best’ way backfires.  I get frustrated when detailed plans don’t come to fruition.  I am annoyed at a last-minute change of plans.  I am disappointed in myself when I just don’t have enough energy to do 2839 activities.


1) There is no such thing as “a quick trip to IKEA”.  (Despite this, I do rather love it.  Not sure if Cameron did, though . . . )

2) It makes me sad that I almost always fall asleep 5 minutes into reading at night.  This is clearly a trade-off for working out in the morning.  I should take better advantage of the evenings when Josh comes home late to read BEFORE I am about to pass out.  I have 3 half-finished volumes that I am determine to finish with by the end of the year, so we’ll see.

3) Sound Opinions is one of my favorite podcasts, and their latest episode contains their 2015 picks!  This was a weekend highlight.  I was happy to see both Grimes and Courtney Barnett rank highly.

4) Hanukkah this year = total BARRAGE of toys.  OMG.  Then Annabel got upset when she heard us plotting to Kon-Mari old ones (obviously everything sparks joy to a 3.5 year old).   But seriously, we cannot keep everything in our house.  How do others handle this!?
At IKEA.  Obviously 🙂

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