Between Minimalism & Excess: my shoe collection

January 22, 2016

Ana’s post today got me thinking.  About clothes, and shoes, and minimalism, and the internet, and many other things.

I started thinking about excess, and asceticism, and the gray areas in between.  (And of course — just  a little bit — Marie Kondo.  Sorry, can’t help it.)

Anyway, so how many shoes is the right number?  I am not sure.  But for me, the answer is definitely greater than 3 and less than 20.  This is really embarrassing, but I’m about to link to a post from 2004 (YES) where I described the 29 pairs I owned.  They all sound really hideous now πŸ™‚

The picture above is all of my shoes.  Yep, I am an adult professional woman who owns just 12 pairs of shoes.  For tradition’s sake, here’s the rundown (upper row, then lower, left to right):

1) TOMS platform sandals.

2) Ridiculous gold BCBGirls heels that still do spark joy even though they are 10 years old and I can’t really walk in them.

3) Striped Madewell platform sandals.

4) Frye boots.

5) New Balance sneakers.   (Typical playground attire.)

6) Adidas flip flops.

7) Camper sandals that are too casual for work BUT I wear them there anyway.

8) Slightly less work-inappropriate Camper sandals, green.

9) TOMS desert wedges.  (Ana, I know you wanted these.  I have had them ~2 years and can attest to their comfort and overall awesomeness.)

10) Fun wedge heels from Anthro.  My typical “night out” sandals.

11) Running shoes: Asics Gel Nimbus

12) Camper wedge booties (open toe) that I wear alllllll the time.  Come with 3″ heel to make me nearly 5’4″ yet are incredibly comfortable.

Items #1-3 are infrequently worn and could probably go, but still spark joy.  I would like another work-appropriate pair, eventually (but not in any rush).  To me, this seems about right.  Not truly minimalist, but perhaps essentialist.

I am of course curious whether these seems high, low, or normal to everyone else — tour your closet and weigh in πŸ™‚

PS: yes that is a fireplace in our Miami Beach home.  No, we did not put it there (I suspect it has been there since 1934 when our house was built).  No, it does not get any use.  But Cameron does like to attempt to play in it.