Call Schedule Revolution

January 28, 2016

Thank you all so much for your comments yesterday/today with strategies to eliminate excessive screen/internet time.   You are awesome.  I am going compile them.  And Monday Feb 1 a new action plan will be released 🙂

A&C are with our nanny until Saturday.  It is oddly quiet.

I’ve written previously about our shift to take call at the same time — perhaps I will take this opportunity to elaborate on that a little bit.

Me – call every 5 weeks, for a week (24/7/168!)
Josh – call every 3 weeks (days kind of vary, but weekends about every 3rd on for whole weekend)

Leading to a schedule looking like this:

Week 1 J call
Week 2 S call
Week 3 Both off
Week 4 J call
Week 5 Both off
Week 6 J call
Week 7 S call

Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal during the week.  I can still get home at my usual time most of the time when on call, and the worst case scenario is taking a few work phone calls with A&C creating a lot of background noise (one way to keep conversations short!).  On the weekends, however??  THIS SUCKED.  Weekends off together were a novelty, and since the above doesn’t even count for work travel (or family travel), there were precious few weekends together at home.

Taking care of A&C alone is still nice time with them.  It isn’t miserable.  But it is hard, and going to public places is especially tough since they often decide to run off in 2 directions.  If 2 parents are there — great!  But solo — ugh.  Stressful and tiring.

On the upside, this plan limited weekend childcare.

Me – call every 5 weeks, for a week (24/7/168!)
Josh – call every 4 weeks (days kind of vary, but weekends about every 3rd on for whole weekend)
As in – almost the same as above, though someone else is now in Josh’s call pool (YAY!)

And, we are syncing up call like this:

Week 1 – J & S call
Week 2 – Both off
Week 3 – Both off
Week 4 – Both off
Week 5 – Both off
Week 6 – J & S call

To be fair, Josh is q4, not q5, so there are a couple of extra J-call weekends thrown in there.  But on the whole, this situation feels so much nicer.  The only caveat is that we have to hire more childcare.  For now, we are having G (nanny) take A&C on Friday night*, and then I can pick them up on Saturday afternoon, since she lives closer to where I work.  On Sunday, we have another babysitter coming from 9a-3p.  I definitely may not have to work that whole time, but if I do, she’s there.

I realize there are definitely some parents that would not be comfortable with this amount of childcare.  And I absolutely sometimes wish I could have more time at home with them.  (I really do get very wistful about this sometimes.)  But right now, this feels like the right balance and I am thrilled about so many more family weekends.  We’ve only just started this new system and I love it already.

* I know it’s Thursday but she took them a night earlier b/c it’s a “no school day” tomorrow and she really really wanted to.  (Really!)

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