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January 4, 2016

Listening to a lot of “best of” 2015 song lists (today = Sound Opinions 2015 Mixtapes).  Also way too much Disney, which I want to hate but then find myself singing along more often than not even on play #923281.

Reading Troubling Love by Elena Ferrante.  Honestly, I hate it.  It’s for a book club.  At least it’s short.

Eating pizza.  Yeah, I know, from paleo to cheesy/bready goodness.  We tried a new place today — Andiamo — and it was an ideal post-run lunch.  We got the ratatouille pizza which was loaded with vegetables and lots of basil.  Delicious.

Watching ummm nothing really, currently.  I don’t think I watched a single show while off from work — sad!  However, we are going to see Star Wars next weekend.  Assuming a babysitter can be procured.

Planning a trip for our 10th anniversary (May).  We were going to go to Hawaii (our honeymoon destination) but are now feeling like maybe Napa/Sonoma would be just as much fun and less of an ordeal.  Hmmm.

OMG, back to work tomorrow.  I feel like I’ve been away forever!

Note:  Yes, I have blogged daily in 2016!  Doubtful that this streak will stay alive for long, but might be fun to see how long I can ride it out . . . if you have ideas for posts PLEASE let me know, because I fear I will otherwise run out of material very soon.

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