Friday Night Lite

January 30, 2016

Well, I’m 2 episodes into Mozart In the Jungle, I have deactivated my Facebook account*, and therefore I would call tonight a success.  I am going to brainstorm tomorrow about an offline challenge for February and so — any suggestions between now and then are welcome.

Happy Friday!

* Temporary, can be reactivated at any time


  • Reply kerhanson March 10, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    This isn’t necessarily a challenge but I know you like data – I’d be super interested to see how many times you think about FB in the beginning of the month vs the end of the month. I may be the only person that finds it interesting but I deactivated my FB account a few years ago and do check in from time to time. However, every time I log out I deactivate – kind of telling myself okay Kerry, you’re done for a while. Sometimes I check in a few times a month (and sometimes it’s a couple times a week) but it really doesn’t have the same hold on me as it did before. I actually find myself going weeks at a time now without wondering "what’s going on FB?" – wish I had taken the data (for myself) when I first deactivated so I could see when the change really started in my thought process. For example, after how many days did I stop thinking about it as much? Anyways this is a very random comment but thought I would throw it out there to a fellow data collector!

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