Hmmm! (A habit realization)

January 28, 2016

I was listening to the live Happier podcast and was reminded about the effect (and strategy) of convenience.  As you all know, I have been bemoaning the fact that I seem to get stuck on the computer/phone screen at night.  And I have noticed it’s actually been worse lately.  I’ve had a few evenings where I could have enjoyed a relaxing couple of hours on my own, when Josh has had to operate late.

Things I would like to spend those kinds of free, calm, quiet hours doing:
(like, 7:30 – 9:30 pm!)

writing a post
doing a facial or pedi (NEED the latter)
writing a letter
writing an email to a friend
watching a good TV show

Things I have ended up doing instead:
writing a post


I’m not saying this is a new phenomenon, but I think the real reason it has been worse lately is that I’m already on the computer (having written said post) and just haven’t made the effort to get off.  It’s just that convenient, and therefore weakening my already-puny resolve not to get sucked in.  Because peeling myself away is harder than just steering clear of the screen altogether.

SO.  I am going to dive into this one and try yet again to use these chunks of time better.  I am going to take another FB break (I didn’t miss it much, honestly, when it was gone!) and create a new habit of shutting my computer and putting away my phone after work.  I don’t even really need to check email before bed (worst case scenario: I get some patient related email that stresses me out all night, or feel obligated to answer it at 10 pm).

How do you moderate your social media intake?  I have heard a few of your strategies before, but I want to compile a list.  I’m up for trying pretty much anything at this point!

mr C playing football with a coconut husk.
Tropical life I guess!

* I have happy to say blahblahblah does not include GOMI as I have not been there in forever nor have I had any real desire to do so!  Small victories 🙂

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