Post-Paleo Peace (& pre-baby pants)

January 20, 2016

I wore a pair of corduroys today that I haven’t worn in forever.  I’m not sure they ever fit post-C until now (maybe they did, but a few months ago they wouldn’t have).  I am not sure whether to chalk it up to more running, more consistent barre, or leaving paleo behind (again) once and for all.

But I am really happy and feeling more like myself again.  I don’t know if “pre-baby body!” is ever truly a possibility, but I am finally feeling essentially back to my ‘old’ normal.  I did reach this state after A, for approximately 5 minutes before becoming pregnant again.  This time, however, it feels like a more permanent landing spot.  And having old favorites enter my wardrobe rotation again is so nice.  I’m glad I didn’t Kon-Mari them all . . . 
For whatever reason, it took quitting paleo — not once, but twice! — to get here.  Honestly, I think it took acceptance of the following facts:
— Habitual snacking is not really necessary when one works in a non-active job.   Seriously.  It USED to be necessary when I was a resident and standing/running around all day, and also ummm – younger.  Now it is not.  I can survive getting a little hungry between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner if dinner is not going to be super-late.  
— I am a moderator at heart and need to respect that.  I can eat what I want as long as I keep the portions moderate/mindful and stay active.  Gretchen Rubin (and other hardcore abstainers) may find that terrifying, but I find immense freedom in that concept.  
— Strength training in some form is really really important (if you are vain like I am AND want to be able to lift your children).  And finding an activity that you actually like in some way (barre for me currently) is the only way I will ever be consistent about doing said activity.
— There is no need to ‘make up’ for miles run with extra calories when the weekly mileage is under 30.  This is just enough to compensate for the rest of my otherwise largely sedentary lifestyle.  

Added together, I think this is why I am at peace with my current eating style (i.e.: normal healthy food, lots of whole foods but still grains and treats at times, a moderate but not huge amount of meat) AND fit into these navy blue skinny corduroys that were purchased in 2010.  Either that or I have diabetes, Graves disease, or cancer.  Let’s hope not.

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