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January 6, 2016

Of all of the topics requested . . .  this isn’t on the list.  But since it’s January and therefore exercise is on everyone’s mind, I feel maybe someone would be interested.

And I have to write something.  Because 5 day blogging streak!

I am running the Miami Half Marathon on January 24th.  I ran the race last year and had a great experience.  Miami was graced with unseasonably cool weather, which was fantastic but seems unlikely to happen two years in a row (especially with El Niño going strong this year!).

I have run probably a dozen (maybe more?) half marathons in my life, beginning in 2005.  And 4 marathons.  But I have only run a few races since A&C came into existence.  This will be post-A&C half marathon #4, to be exact.  All of my times post-baby have been significantly slower than my ‘peak’ pre-baby.

(For the running nerds, my half PR was 1:46:56 in November of 2007 — an 8:10/mi pace.  My post-baby PR was 1:55:something at Miami last year — 8:47/mi average.  I tried to link to a race report from the November 2007 race but apparently I was too busy shedding blood/sweat/tears in the NICU as a resident and running 8 zillion miles to write one.)

I attribute this mostly to much (much) less time prioritized towards training.  I used to run ~40 miles/week quite regularly, and I definitely have not hit that total (or even close) since A was born.  I think my peak mileage for this race will be close to 30, maybe 27 or 28.  Most weeks are in the low to mid-20s, looking like this:

Monday – rest
Tuesday – tempo (5-6 mi)
Wednesday – 30 min barre3 online workout at home
Thursday – intervals (5-6 mi)
Friday – easy (5-6 mi)
Saturday – barre3 or Flybarre live class (usually just barre3 – easier!)
Sunday – long run (last week 11 mi, but that was the longest thus far)

I have really liked using the RunCoach app.  Also, one major (MAJOR!) side benefit of fewer miles is that I have not gotten injured, which used to be a recurrent and somewhat devastating theme in my running life.

Last year, Cameron was 11 months old.  He had recently quit breastfeeding, and I still felt sort of . . . postpartum.  I was eating paleo.  This year, I quit paleo (twice) and I have no ‘babies’ anymore, just toddlers & preschoolers.  Training has gone better in some ways, but it’s also been a terribly warm winter and nearly every run has been 75 degrees and above with 80%+ humidity (yes even at 5:30am).  Today was the first crisp run in a while — it was a breezy rainy 63F and felt like absolute HEAVEN.

I don’t really have a goal for this year’s race!  I’d looooooove to have another post-baby PR (i.e., beat the 1:55 time from last year) but I am not encouraged by my long run splits.   I think I have a bit of a shot if the weather is cool like last year, but not if it’s pushing 80F.  We will just have to see what race day brings — at least the event is held at 6 am.

Whatever happens, I have really enjoyed the training, especially the weekday speed sessions.  I have made this commitment before (and failed), but after this I am going to train for a fast 5K.  I just have more fun running when there is a race goal on the horizon, so . . . why not?  In theory I should still be able to run fairly well at the ripe old age of 35 . . . for a few more years, anyway.


In other news, Cameron started school today.  (Two days/week, 9 – 12:30).  Apparently he did really well!  I was sad I was not there but I didn’t plan far enough in advance.

His cuteness truly overwhelms me.


  • Reply beth March 10, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    C at school was amazingly cute.

  • Reply Liz March 10, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    for the record, from just one reader — I like reading about exercise and running stuff, too! I’d love to hear more about your thoughts on Barre3, particularly vs. other workouts such as yoga, plyos, and more traditional weight training. I’ve thought about trying it myself but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Another thought that comes to mind — book recommendations are great too. I’ve been thinking about doing a review of parenting books and methods myself ahead of starting Peds residency (and ahead of becoming a parent myself)… recommendations on this front would be awesome, too!

  • Reply Victoria B. March 10, 2019 at 7:11 pm

    My two cents on your blog and your appeal for topics to write about:

    Agree about loving posts about exercise and your current routine/workouts.

    I also really love when you "Piggyback" on another’s bloggers post on a particular topic. I’ve been introduced so a lot of new-to-me bloggers this way and I like the varied perspectives and thoughts.

    I appreciate that you’re "REAL" here, meaning being honest about your struggles, what works, what’s been hard, etc. I also love when commenters make suggestions about how they’re managing the same issues related to your post, etc. There are so many great ideas that are found within comments.

    Love the posts where you show your "Monthly Goals" in your planner (BTW – your handwriting is delicious) and then the follow up post when you discuss how well you achieved your goals. I also like when you "sprinkle" in links about products you love (like those highlighters a week or so ago).

    Overall, I really enjoy your blog. I have nothing in common with you (no kids, not an MD) but this is a blog I read regularly because I like that you present yourself honestly and without pretense.

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