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January 9, 2016

Sometimes it’s really hard coming up with plans for the weekend with little kids.  It was much easier when sleeping-until-you-wake-up and “leisurely brunch” were viable options.  Don’t get me wrong – I love our weekends, kid time especially!  But I need a plan.

This weekend (neither of us on call for the next THREE weekends!  A FIRST!)

Friday night:  Just returned from work happy hour.  I do not usually do anything on Friday night, but this was fun.  Also, sauvignon blanc = mmm.

– Josh to sleep in until 8 (he deserves it)
– 8:30 AM barre class @ Flybarre
– Family outing somewhere – possibly Monkey Jungle, but it appears to be pricey and 45 minutes away!  I’m going to push for the beach instead.
– Lunch @ home
– C nap (and maybe me too . . .)
– Playground; possibly hang out w/ family
– Kids dinner
– Date night out @ Star Wars – I haven’t seen it yet!

– Early long run (for me) – back by ~8am
– Playground, quick grocery store run
– Me: LOOOOOONG hair appt (Japanese straightening)
– Josh: w/ the kids – lunch / nap
– Evening playdate/dinner with A’s classmate & family

Looks pretty lovely on paper (and screen)!

Happy Friday!

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