Check-in #1: Monday 2/1

February 2, 2016

I hadn’t really planned on doing the first official check-in today, but — hey!  It’s Monday.  Today counts, too.

I managed to stick to all of the rules!  It was an incredibly busy day at work, and so in some ways it was easier.  However, I found several moments challenging:

– Not looking at my texts while driving (I know.  But I am determined to stop this forever.  And day 1 is the start of hopefully an infinite new streak.)  This was incredibly hard for me, because I ended up having to see an off-site consult and thus there was plenty of driving.  I had to keep repeating to myself that there was nothing that I could possibly NEED to respond to within 30 minutes — and if there was, the person could easily just call.  

Not whipping out my phone while waiting for the elevator.  I don’t think I even realized that I did this so automatically!  But apparently . . . yeah.

Other than that, it wasn’t so bad.  I didn’t have enough free time to contemplate jumping on email or checking Facebook.  I remain oddly relieved to have my account deactivated.  Hmm.

There was no real excess time today because I did 5 new consults today, saw several inpatient follow-ups and saw 5 outpatients — and yes, in my world that is a lot.

* * * * *
I need to go crash soon.  Tomorrow I am done with call until March! 
PS: First weekend of being on simultaneously with Josh went really well on Saturday, and then on Sunday our babysitter called in sick at midnight (in her defense I think her pneumonia was legit).  SOOOOO that was kind of bad.  But I survived.
If you are playing along . . . how did Monday (day 1 / 30!) go for you?

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