February 9, 2016

Listening:  Porches Pool
I have decided I want to listen to more whole albums instead of just random songs (we subscribe to Spotify, so this is easy although I sort of miss the old-school feeling of commitment that came with buying an album!).  This month’s first pick was Porches Pool, released just last week and played . . . in the car while commuting, both ways.

Verdict: I liked it.  Very clean modern sound.  Need to listen again to decide if I love it or not.

Reading:  Okay fine — I will be starting this one tonight.  The 3rd book club book I am attacking, with the hopes that this time I will actually make it to said book club.

Eating:  Cincinnati chili leftovers & an early See’s V-day chocolate.  Thanks mom & dad =D

Watching:  Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.  OMG.  This show really is kind of  . . . crazy.  But also hilarious.

Planning:  C’s 2nd birthday party!  We’re doing it in a park and fairly low-key, but I need to figure out the food.  Considering getting catering from Einstein’s (bagels, coffee, fruit?).  I already ordered cupcakes (Bunnie cakes!).  Easy, crowd-pleasing food suggestions for an 11am park party?


Day 8 down!  I think I did 4 email checks today but otherwise stuck to everything.  Still really happy. Still not missing Facebook.  Sort of missing Instagram but only mildly.

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